Are there Sex Positions That Can Reduce the Risks of Pregnancy?

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We can’t deny that there are certain times where we get so clingy, we want our partners to be as intimate with us as possible. Thus, leading to thoughts of having unprotected sex.

However, the risks of unplanned pregnancy bother us, making us ask the question, “Are there any sex positions that can reduce the risks of pregnancy?”

Most penetrative vaginal sex can lead to pregnancy. That’s because the sperm can swim in any direction and gravity can’t pull down that champ once it started its lap.

Once the sperm enters the vagina, no matter how it got in there, it’s only a matter of chance until the one lucky swimmer successfully fertilizes the egg waiting on a woman’s uterus. Also, there are chances that sperm may be present on a man’s precum, which is the penis’ way of lubricating.

Some may believe that when they assume the “cowgirl” or woman on top or any similar standing position, it can greatly decrease the chances of pregnancy, but this is wrong. As stated earlier, sperm can swim in any direction, even upwards.

Simply put, unprotected vaginal sex, regardless of sexual positions, may sooner or later lead to pregnancy.

However, anal and oral sex positions won’t be a problem since there are no egg cells waiting for fertilization inside the rectum or the mouth (or stomach if you swallow it). That means, as long as the man only goes for anal or oral sex to finish the job, no pregnancy can happen.

So if you really want to be intimate with your partner without the risk of unwanted pregnancy, you might have to give them head or let them through the backdoor.




Do Certain Sex Positions Avoid or Cause Pregnancy?

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