Blast Off: Ejaculation Etiquette for Men

Some people consider climaxing as the best part of sex. Although it only lasts a few seconds for us men, the thrill we can experience during ejaculation is divine and exhilarating.

But of course, when we climax during sex, we’re not alone. Thus, it’s important for guys to know how to ejaculate properly and decently.

Here’s some ejaculation etiquette that men should follow during sexy time.

Don’t just shoot wherever you’d like!

First things first: NEVER, under any circumstances, just fire away without warning! It’s rude and can possibly traumatize your partner.

This could also lead to your partner feeling left out.

With that said, it’s vital that you…

Talk to your partner about preferences.

Of course, sexy time is better when you and your partner know what pleases each other. 

Talking about your sexual preferences can go a long way! So take the time to ask your partner whether they’d be happy to “get shot”. If they say yes, remember to ask them which part/s of their body can be fired upon.

Let your partner know when you’re near.

Communication is key, even during sex! Informing your partner that you’re close to “exploding” can help. It’s respectful, and should actually be considered a norm whenever people get kinky.

Following all these tips should ensure a “happy ending” for you and your partner. But there’s another important thing to consider when it comes to climaxing.

Remember that sex doesn’t immediately end after ejaculation.

In the past, we’ve talked about how sexual aftercare matters. Your bedroom workout isn’t immediately over just because you’ve reached climax. So don’t just get up and go back to minding your own business.

It’s important to keep the intimacy alive between you and your partner, which you can do in many ways. (Check out our article on sexual aftercare for more info. Have a look at our article on what men shouldn’t do after sex, too!)


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