Can Coffee Affect Your Testosterone?

Coffee, the sweet bitterness that helps us busy men jumpstart our mornings and become productive throughout the day. It is definitely one of the staple things that we usually get whenever we need a boost to complete our daily routine.

Although drinking coffee has a lot of positive benefits to offer, we may be forgetting how it can affect our body in the long run, specifically our testosterone levels. Will it really affect our testosterone?

According to the study published by Nutrition Journal, men who consumed caffeine have been observed to have an increased level of testosterone. The participants were healthy, regular coffee drinkers, and were asked to drink a 6-ounce coffee that’s either caffeinated or decaffeinated.

Compared to those who only drank water and decaffeinated coffee, men who drank the coffee with caffeine had a higher testosterone level and lower estradiol after four weeks. 

However, after the 8th week, the study didn’t find any significant differences and had concluded that there’s no consistent effect due to the small sample size.

On another note, the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research has analyzed 29 published studies and found out that 11 of them had findings on caffeine positively increasing performances of team sports exercise and power-based sports. Though some studies have found that it actually decreases athletic performance.

Testosterone plays an important role in bone density, muscle mass, and strength, so it may have a correlation, but the studies didn’t find it out for sure.

With all of that in mind, we can say that caffeine has NO immediate or lasting effects on our testosterone, either negatively or positively. We can keep drinking coffee and other caffeinated drinks and perform our best without thinking about any repercussions on our manliness.








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