Different Ways Men Can Initiate Sex

When we think about sex, we often think about the most pleasurable or exciting parts: the climax or the build-up to that moment. A lot of men don’t pay much attention to how sex begins despite the fact that men initiate sex more often than women, With that in mind, it’s important to know the different ways to start sex. This can be helpful in spicing up relationships, especially among long-term and committed partners.

First things first: you need to know the person you want to do it with. You have to understand what they like, dislike, love, and hate. That’s the primary key to turning your partner on and initiating sex. Knowing what can turn your partner on can help you find different ways to initiate sex with them besides simply telling them you’re in the mood.

Let Your Partner Know You Want to be Intimate

This can be done in many ways other than telling them you feel like doing it. You can send sexy text messages or initiate a titillating chat with them through the many instant messaging platforms at our disposal nowadays. You could vocally tell your partner that you desire to get intimate with them the next time you’re together. If they reciprocate, you could take it as a sign that you might get lucky soon. But don’t stop there! Try to be consistent in making them feel wanted until you two are together again. This could get your significant other equally excited about doing it.

Give Them a Massage

Massages are not only good for releasing tension in one’s muscles. They’re also a sensual way to make your partner feel relaxed. Give your significant other a massage and take this time to talk. Tell them how much you’ve missed them or how much you value and desire them. That could get your partner in the mood.

Shower Together

Besides being another sensual activity, taking a shower as a couple requires you and your partner to be naked together. This can already provide a raunchy environment. Compliment their body while you’re at it. Give them playful kisses too. That could easily turn your shower time into something else.

Engage in Some Foreplay

Foreplay isn’t just about make-believe. It’s about adding variety to one’s sex life by immersing in certain scenarios. Before you do some foreplay though, it’s vital to talk to your partner about the fantasies you both want to try. Then, find some time to play these fantasies out. Don’t think of it as weird or awkward. Foreplay is supposed to be thrilling, and if you do it right, you might find your partner very eager to shake the sheets with you.

Make Your Setting Set the Mood

People can get in the mood based on what they can sense. You could arrange your environment in such a way that can ensure your partner will want to have sex: dim the lights; light up a rose or jasmine-scented candle; play a sexy song in the background, and eat some strawberries or chocolates. While you’re at it, ask them about what they’d like to do or experience in bed. These are just a few things you could do to get your partner to want to do it.

Look into Your Partner’s Eyes

Gazing into your partner’s eyes can be seen as sensual, especially right before a kiss. It reaffirms your connection with your partner and is a good way to establish intimacy. It makes them (quite literally) feel seen and could contribute to making them feel secure in your presence. Let’s remember that sex also has an emotional aspect, and making your partner feel emotionally secure can strengthen the intimacy between you two.

Kiss Them Like it’s Your First Time Doing It

One of the easiest ways men can initiate sex is by kissing their partner. But, if you’re in a long-term relationship, you could give your significant other a kiss that says more than “let’s do it”. You could give them a kiss that says “I need you” or “you mean a lot to me”. Kiss your partner the same way you did back when you were starting out, and you might just reignite your relationship’s flare and keep things hot between you two.


By putting some effort in how you initiate sex, you could ensure that you and your partner will both enjoy your time in bed. In addition, your focus when initiating should be on making them want to do it. That way, having sex will become an activity that you both desire.


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