Do You Need Panty Liners Every Day?

Panty liners are thin, absorbent pads worn inside the underwear, much like sanitary napkins. Women prefer using panty liners because they feel fresh and comfortable when using one. But, do you really need it every day? Find out below.

What are panty liners for?

Panty liners absorb:

  • Sweat and vaginal discharge
  • Premenstrual and postmenstrual spotting
  • Post-coital discharge or spotting
  • Postpartum bleeding
  • Urinary leakages

Thus, panty liners also protect your pretty panties from discolorations or stains.

Some women also use panty liners to prevent the appearance of camel toes, or the outline of the groin when wearing tight bottoms.

Is it bad to use panty liners every day?

Panty liners are useful and beneficial without a doubt. But they also pose a few disadvantages such as:

  • Causing redness, irritation, and itchiness from rubbing against the labias
  • Irritating the sensitive tissues around the vagina because of the scents and chemicals

In rare cases, bacterial infections may also occur. Overusing a panty liner can make the vagina moist and warm, turning it into the perfect environment for bacteria overgrowth.

So, should you use them every day?

Yes, you may use panty liners if you need to. But before purchasing a pack, make sure that the material of the panty liner is breathable, and that it’s unscented.

It’s advised to change your panty liner at least twice a day, or as soon as it feels moist down there.





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