Does Contraception Make Me Gain Weight?

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Weighing in the pros and cons of using pills could be complicated, especially if you’re very concerned about gaining weight.

Have you ever quit taking the pill because you heard someone got fat from using it?

People who had bad experiences with contraception are exceptions, and does not mean that everyone will definitely go through them, too.

Take note of these two things that you should know about contraception and weight gain:

Fact #1 Women who take pills don’t gain more weight than those who don’t use them.

There have been numerous studies regarding this, and all of them prove that the pill does not make you fat. Any method can be used without expecting weight gain. If you really are concerned about it, there are oral contraceptive pills available that reduce the probability of gaining weight.

Fact #2 Injectables can cause weight gain for some women.

A quarter of injectable users can experience weight gain. According to a recent study, one out of four users gained 5% or more of their initial weight in their first six months on injectables. Most women using this method for contraception are able to maintain their weight by healthy eating and regular exercise. (Which is something everyone should do!)



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