How To Have Sex Without Penetration

Sex Without Penetration

You can have sex without penetration!? Yes, you can! And there’s actually a lot of ways to do it.

Sex without penetration is often called outercourse, and what’s considered outercourse may vary from person to person. For some, it’s everything except penis-in-vagina (PIV) penetration. While others consider outercourse as anything without penetration of any kind, including fingers, sex toys, and anal sex.

The definition of outercourse is completely up to you, but it may include any of these:


Making out is a great way to get intimate with your partner. Kissing different parts of the body can help you and your partner find out what turns you on.


Massages can get sexy and erotic in the right circumstances. Light some candles and have massage oils (or lube!) to set the scene. Give your partner sexy touches that they don’t get at the spa and whisper intimate details on how and where you both like to be touched.

Dry Humping

Making out until you grind your body and genitals against each other can be hot at any age! You can also explore positions, clothing materials, and role plays you both like that can make sex even more pleasurable.

Mutual Masturbation

You’re the one who knows how to touch yourself the best, so take advantage of that! Masturbation is often enjoyed as a solo activity, but it can be more fun to do with your partner. You and your partner can masturbate together while kissing, cuddling, and showing each other what you like.

Using Sex Toys (in some definitions)

The world of sex toys is vast, and for sure you’ll find one that can satisfy the stimulation you want. Read about different sex toys and find out which one could satisfy you.

One crowd favorite is the vibrator. It can do genital stimulation without penetration — run it across the clitoris or the head of the penis. A vibrator can also make dry humping more interesting by sandwiching it between you and your partner’s genitals. The possibilities are endless!

Using Hands (in some definitions)

A little hand magic can go a long way. All you need are your hands to do a lot of pleasurable non-penetrative sex moves, and included here handjobs and clitoral stimulation (or fingering without vaginal penetration). Lube can also help make this activity more sensual and exciting.

Oral Sex

Show them what that mouth can do! Blowjobs, cunnilingus, and rimming are just some of the ways you can use your mouth on your partner’s genitals and other pleasure zones. Get creative!

Anal Sex (in some definitions)

Anal sex can be enjoyable for anyone regardless of gender, and can involve a penis or a sex toy. Sex toys great for anal play may not be the same for the other parts of the body, so this is also a great time to explore and try new toys.

Nipple Play

A lot of people enjoy getting their nipples stimulated. Licking, sucking, gently biting, touching, pinching, or even using sex toys are some ways how you can stimulate your partner’s nipples. Some people even experience “nipplegasm” from just nipple stimulation.

Is pregnancy possible if you only have outercourse?

Even though outercourse doesn’t involve PIV penetration, there is still a slim chance of pregnancy. This can happen if semen gets in or gets too close to the vagina and if toys or fingers that came in contact with semen are inserted in the vagina.

If you want to touch or insert the vagina with anything, make sure to wash thoroughly and use protection.

Is it possible to get or pass STIs?

It’s still possible to get or pass sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in some cases. There is a risk of STIs once outercourse involves genital contact or sexual fluids (such as semen and vaginal fluid). STIs can also be passed on through oral sex, anal sex, and sharing of sex toys.

To reduce the risk, it’s best to use protection such as condoms.

Now what?

Most people always think of sex as one course of action: foreplay, penetration, and orgasm.

There are a lot of ways to enjoy sexual pleasure, and there are needs and desires that don’t always fit the traditional idea of intercourse.

Regardless of your reason for doing outercourse, it’s a fun way to try new things, explore different pleasures, and discover the other aspects of sensuality.




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