Masturbation: Is It Good For You?

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Like what we have been discussing here on “Do It Right!”, there are different forms and sources of pleasure.

But for most people, the first form of sexual pleasure they will experience is through masturbation.

Masturbation is commonly done by touching one’s own body, including sex organs, for sexual pleasure and orgasm.

Masturbation for both men and women is healthy and is one of the best ways to help us discover and explore our own sexuality, and a way to help us appreciate our own body.

Masturbation helps us learn about what feels good to us you can and increase the chance of feeling sexual pleasure with a sex partner.

Some people use masturbation as a practice to become more skilled in bed with a sexual partner.

Whether alone or with a partner, it can increase our ability to have orgasms, help reduce stress, increase self-esteem and positive body image, and improve sexual satisfaction.

People who have a positive attitude toward their bodies, sex, and masturbation are more likely to practice safe sex and therefore protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancy.

Learning about your own and your partner’s sexual anatomy will help you in understanding masturbation and how to have better sex in general.

Although it’s beneficial to your sexual health, you should also observe how many times you masturbate within a week or day. There might not be a clinically suggested specific number of times a can masturbate per day, one must still be conscious on how it affects their lives.

If you masturbate for many times but still keep a healthy, satisfying, and overall happy life, then you do you. However, if it already harms your lifestyle to the point of affecting your relationships, work, or family, then you have to consult a sex therapist.

Sources: https://www.plannedparenthood.org/learn/sex-and-relationships/masturbation

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  1. Kung hindi po ba mag masturbate ang lalaki wala po ba ito epekto sa kalusugan ng mga lalaki.. Salamat po and Godbless

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