Ready for Round 2: How Men Can Get Back Into Action Quickly

Imagine this: You’re lying in bed right next to your partner. You’ve just finished giving each other one heck of a time, but something stirs within you, and you feel like you want a second round. Or maybe it’s your partner who’s craving for more. Yet, you’re unsure of how to quickly recharge and get back […]

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What is Retrograde Ejaculation?

When it comes to sexual health, many topics remain shrouded in mystery or are simply not discussed often. One such topic is retrograde ejaculation, a condition unknown to a lot of men. Ironically, this is a condition that only men can experience. Before we get to retrograde ejaculation, here’s a quick refresher on the process […]

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Foreskin Problems and How to Deal With Them

Conversations about foreskin aren’t particularly common among adult Filipino males. In the Philippines, circumcision is in fashion, so most Filipino guys don’t usually have to worry about foreskin problems. Most. If you’re a guy who’s “intact” or uncircumcised, you might want to learn about potential issues that you may experience. But don’t worry, we’re here […]

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UTI Among Men: How to Spot It and What to Do

When we hear the term “UTI” or urinary tract infection, there’s a big chance people might associate it with women. But you might be surprised to find out that it’s a condition that affects everyone. That’s right. Men can experience it, too.  According to Medical News Today, about 3% of men worldwide can experience UTI […]

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Finishing Moves: A Men’s Guide to a Guaranteed Climax

There are guys who have some trouble lasting in bed. They finish early and end up feeling embarrassed. (If you’re one of those guys, be sure to check out our guide on How to Last Longer in Bed.) It’s easy to think that being able to last long is a blessing, but that’s not exactly […]

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How Drinking Affects The Male Reproductive System

Some couples like to party and share a few drinks before getting kinky and shaking the sheets. And there’s nothing wrong with that! However, it’s important to understand how alcohol impacts your skills in bed, fellas. Alcohol consumption doesn’t just affect your sight and movement. It’s like a mischievous puppeteer pulling unexpected strings behind the […]

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Nudes 101 for Men

In the digital age we live in, many things can be accomplished using smart devices. Even flirting has moved to an online setting thanks to dating apps and instant messaging tools. And for some people, flirting online involves sending nudes. There was a time when nudes could only be associated with porn or risqué movies, […]

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Why is my Manhood Itchy?

The causes of penile itching and how to treat it We have a superstition that when your right palm itches, it means you’ll receive money soon. When the left palm itches, it’s an indication that you’ll lose money. But what if it’s your member that gets itchy? We have no superstition related to that! But […]

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Blast Off: Ejaculation Etiquette for Men

Some people consider climaxing as the best part of sex. Although it only lasts a few seconds for us men, the thrill we can experience during ejaculation is divine and exhilarating. But of course, when we climax during sex, we’re not alone. Thus, it’s important for guys to know how to ejaculate properly and decently. […]

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