Tips and tricks for sex in every part of the house

Tips and tricks for sex in every part of the house

Being in the same house with your partner can make your sex life boring. Things tend to be routinary in the bedroom… but that is if you don’t think outside the box (or room)!

Switch things up and get out of the ordinary by getting intimate outside the bedroom. Enticing sexual opportunities are hiding at every corner of your house.

Take your partner on an adventure discovering how you can make your home an exciting sexual playground. 

Getting kinky in the kitchen

Feed a different kind of hunger in the kitchen tonight!

The kitchen is an unconventional place to get sexy. But that’s what makes it an even more exciting place to get down and dirty. Plus, it has different surfaces for you to play around with.

The receiving partner can sit on the kitchen counter, while the giving partner can perform oral, anal, or vaginal sex.

Source: refinery29.com/en-ca/best-places-to-have-sex-at-home 

Source: refinery29.com/en-ca/best-places-to-have-sex-at-home  

You can also have sex standing up by letting the receiving partner lean forward and use the counter or fridge for support, while the giving partner enters through the back.

No matter what you do, you’re surely in for a delicious treat!

Bangin’ in the bathroom

Washing up can turn to getting down and dirty with your partner.!

Shower sex is a crowd favorite. You’re both wet, soapy, and naked! Standing up and moving too much can be challenging because it’s slippery. But if done correctly, it can get very hot and steamy!

You can stand behind your partner and use your hands to explore their body. And if you’re dominant, you can even sandwich your partner between the shower wall and your body — that’s totally sexy!

Put a plastic chair in your shower, and the receiving partner will sit on the giving partner’s lap. The receiver will spread their legs to allow penetration or genital stimulation.

Source: refinery29.com/en-ca/best-places-to-have-sex-at-home 

But if you can’t bring a chair into the shower, you can still have some steamy sex while standing (just be extra careful).

The giving partner can hold one of the receiving partner’s legs for easier penetration, either through the vagina or anus. Oral shower sex also takes a similar position. The difference is that the giving partner will be kneeling in front to go down on the giving partner, and the receiver can comfortably place their foot on their partner’s shoulder.

Getting frisky at the front door

The thought that an unexpected visitor comes knocking on your door is what makes getting frisky at the front door extra exciting!

The receiving partner can use the door for support as they bend forward, then the giver will then enter from behind. The receiver can use the door handle for support as the giver grabs their waist and thrusts harder.

Source: refinery29.com/en-ca/best-places-to-have-sex-at-home 

Doing the deed in the dining room

The dining room is always a great place to have a feast!

If your table is big and sturdy enough for two, you can hop on top and do a modified missionary, where the receiving partner’s legs go over the giver’s shoulders.

But some might be too worried about breaking the table. So, another position you can do is have the receiving partner sit at the edge of the table and wrap their legs around the giver’s hips as penetration occurs.

Oral sex would also take a similar position. This time, the giver can sit on a chair facing the receivers genitals, and proceed to eat their partner out.

Loving making in the living room

The living room is the best place for Netflix and chill because you can do a plethora of positions on the couch.

One exciting position you can do on the couch is called the Alternative Wheelbarrow. The giving partner sits on the couch. The receiving partner straddles their partner, with their back against the giver. The receiver can also place their hands on the floor and arch their back for more control and deeper thrusting.

Source: refinery29.com/en-ca/best-places-to-have-sex-at-home 

Sexy time at the staircase

Yes, the staircase can help you reach the peak — literally.

You and your partner should stand facing each other. The receiving partner will lift a leg and use the higher step for support, or they can also wrap it around the giving partner’s hip. 

Source: refinery29.com/en-ca/best-places-to-have-sex-at-home 

Your house is filled with a lot of possibilities to make it a fun sexual playground for you and your partner. All it takes is imagination, creativity, and communication to revive your sex life and have a wonderful experience together!


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