What is a Dry Orgasm?

As men, we know that our orgasms usually consist of shooting out semen. But there can be instances when we’ve reached our peak but no shots were fired. 

This is called a dry orgasm or orgasmic anejaculation. This condition is where a man felt an orgasm, but no semen was released from the penis.

Dry orgasm isn’t relatively a health concern. However, this may also be a sign of an underlying condition that needs treatment.

This condition can be temporary or long-lasting, but some may experience this permanently. There are treatments available, so getting a diagnosis from your doctor is the best course of action.


Repeated orgasms – having to experience numerous orgasms in a short period can definitely cause a dry orgasm. The body needs time and nutrition to replenish the semen, and it’s very possible to deplete the usual semen bank in your body.

This isn’t necessarily a cause for medical concern. Just rest for a few hours and you’ll start to produce semen again.

Genetics – some people may have a genetic abnormality that causes them to not produce enough semen for an ejaculation. This doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with that person’s health.

Testosterone deficiency or hormone imbalance – low testosterone can result in reduced ejaculation, especially for older men. Testosterone and other hormones are responsible for semen production. People who have a hormonal imbalance, no matter what their age is, may experience reduced ejaculation, resulting in a dry orgasm.

Surgical treatment – any surgeries done on the part of the body close or on the penis can cause a dry orgasm. For example, a person who had his prostate, bladder, or lymph nodes removed may no longer produce semen or even ejaculate. Surgery to treat testicular cancer can also be the cause of a dry orgasm.

Blocked ejaculatory duct- may it be stones, cysts, or other blockages on the ejaculatory duct, it can cause a dry orgasm as the semen won’t be able to shoot outside because of the blockage.

Certain medications – medications that are used to treat high blood pressure, enlarged prostate, and other mood disorders may affect the person’s ejaculation.

Nerve damage –  nerve damage from conditions such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or a spinal cord injury can affect the ability to ejaculate.


In most cases, a dry orgasm doesn’t need any medical attention, especially if it’s caused by repeated ejaculations. However, you should talk with your doctor to be sure about what is causing your dry orgasm.

During the diagnosis, your doctor will ask a series of questions about your symptoms. Physical exams may also be done in the genital area, including the prostate, penis, and rectum. A urine test may also be done to help identify the cause.


The treatment for dry orgasm itself is not possible, however, treating the underlying cause may prevent having dry orgasms in the future. Managing any possible underlying health conditions can be beneficial to you, and treating dry orgasms can only be a positive side effect when treating that condition.

For example, if the dry orgasm is caused by certain medications, your doctor may prescribe you with different medications, which may resolve the problem.

However, for those who have experienced surgeries such as removing a part of the prostate, dry orgasm won’t be treated.

If you’re trying to conceive a baby with your partner, check with your doctor to know what treatments you can use to resolve your dry orgasms, or what alternative ways to do to get your partner pregnant.

Dry orgasms aren’t much of a medical concern when it’s temporary or if you aren’t planning to impregnate anyone anytime soon. However, it’s still a good idea to check with your doctor to know what causes your dry orgasms.

Repeated dry orgasms may affect the ability to have a child naturally, however, there are other ways to conceive a baby. Also, note that there are people who may still be able to release a very small amount of sperm cells that can result in an unplanned pregnancy.





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