You Can’t Get Pregnant From Anal Sex, BUT…

You Can't Get Pregnant From Anal Sex, BUT

There are a lot of myths surrounding pregnancy prevention, and it’s important to clear all these out to prevent confusion and problems. So we’re here to debunk one of the popular myths that some people may still believe in: anal sex and pregnancy.

Strictly speaking, anal sex does not directly cause a pregnancy. To make things clearer, here’s how pregnancy works:

A pregnancy can only happen when a sperm cell, contained within a man’s semen, fertilizes a woman’s egg cell. For an egg cell to be fertilized, the sperm cell must be in the vagina to swim through the cervix and get in the uterus. From there it will swim up to the fallopian tube to meet the egg cell and attempt to penetrate it.

There is no connection between the anus and the female reproductive organ, where the egg cells are and where pregnancy can happen.

Although pregnancy can’t happen from anal sex, there is still a big BUT.

There’s a chance that pregnancy will happen if the semen gets to the vagina in another way.

Sperm cells are very vigorous swimmers. They fertilize an egg cell even if some of them in a drop or smear of semen gets in the vagina, or even if the semen just gets too close to the vaginal opening. This can happen if the semen ejaculated in the anus spills to the vulva, or the vagina is inserted with a finger or sex toy with a smear of semen. All it takes is stray sperm before or after unprotected anal sex for pregnancy to happen. 

You can get STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) from anal sex.

Anal sex is one way to pass on or contract Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). The risks are also higher because the rectum doesn’t produce its own lubrication and the skin there is more delicate. Tears and breaks on the skin make it easier for infections to enter the body or be passed on. Take note that STIs don’t always show signs and symptoms. Even if they don’t, you can still get or pass them.

Personal lubricants can help prevent tears in the rectal lining while maintaining the pleasure and sensation. It’s also good to remember to wash the penis or sex toy, change the condom, and apply enough lube before entering the vagina. Bacteria in the anus should stay in the anus because it can lead to infections if it enters the vagina.

The bottomline.

Pregnancy from anal sex is highly unlikely. It will take several different factors for it to be possible. What you should also be worried about are the health risks that anal sex brings.

To have an enjoyable experience, you’ll need three Cs: consent, caution, and contraception. 

Communicate with your partner if you’d like to try something new in bed. Have their consent first before you two engage in anal sex.

Since it’s considered a high-risk activity, taking precautionary measures and knowing the right facts will avoid any unwanted problems ahead. Invest in lube and take time to read about how anal sex is done safely so both of you can have a wonderful experience.

Using contraception is the best way to keep STIs and pregnancies away. Condoms are great protection against infections and pregnancy. There are other contraceptive choices that effectively prevent unplanned pregnancies, too. Discussing these with your doctor can help you know more about them.




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