What Does the Do It Right! Hand Sign Mean?

Do It Right!

The use of contraceptives goes beyond than just being a functional act; it’s an act of love that shows maturity, commitment, and consideration for the future and your partner. Using contraceptives should not be embarrassing; it’s actually the right thing to do.

Like other feelings, it’s not easy to instantly stop the embarrassment of buying modern contraceptives. For those who are still too embarrassed, we have the Do It Right! hand sign that enables them to discreetly buy what they need.

The middle and index fingers held up symbolize a couple, while the thumb placed in between them is a symbol of contraception that complements and strengthens the bond of their relationship. While the Do It Right! hand sign replaces having to say “I need a condom”, it also becomes a symbol for pride in responsible love. It invites and unites everyone who believes in being responsible while enjoying sex. It’s our new symbol for Reproductive Health!

At the end of the day, what’s important is for us to love well, love responsibly, and love proudly.

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