5 Things You Might Experience when Breastfeeding

Things You Might Experience when breastfeeding

Congratulations for making it through pregnancy, labor, and delivery! You’ve been through a rollercoaster ride of physical changes and you’ve probably been expecting for it to stop. But as you start breastfeeding, you’re about to experience another round of changes in your body. Every mom’s experience is different, but here are five common things breastfeeding […]

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Lip Lovin’: Appreciating Your Lady Bits

Female genitals

Vulvas, the outer part of your genitals, and all their components are unique. They come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and even smell. A lot of ladies are unsure whether their genitals are normal. Well, there really isn’t a “normal” genital. When talking about appearance, it’s usually the labia (or “vaginal lips”) that women refer […]

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Why You May Have Pregnancy Symptoms But A Negative Pregnancy Test Result

Pregnancy Symptoms But A Negative Pregnancy Test Result

Tired? Check. Nauseous? Check. Unusual cravings? Check. Could you be pregnant? We have to consider the fact that there are a lot of other possible causes of these pregnancy-like symptoms you’re experiencing. The best way to find out if they are indeed caused by a pregnancy is by taking a pregnancy test! Some women may […]

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Why am I dry?

Vaginal dryness has a lot of possible contributing factors and can happen at any age. It shouldn’t last long and be a cause of concern as it can be treated easily. Vaginal dryness could cause itching, irritation, and discomfort, and even affect sexual experience. To know what you can do about vaginal dryness requires knowing […]

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Get To Know The Female Sexual Anatomy

female sexual anatomy

A hand mirror will be your next best friend in getting a closer look at your genitalia. Learning each part and seeing your own body can help you understand sex and your health more. As each woman has a unique face, each has a unique body as well, and your genitalia may not look exactly […]

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The Male Sexual Anatomy

reproductive health, family planning, male genital system, male sexual anatomy

The male sexual anatomy or male genital system is divided into two categories: the internal parts which include the seminal vesicles, testes, vas deferens, epididymis, prostate, ejaculatory duct, etc.; and the external parts which include the penis, foreskin, urethra, and scrotum.  Internal Sex Anatomy Testes The male sexual glands, testes are the two oval shaped […]

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Female Puberty

female puberty, puberty, period, menstruation, menstrual cycle, changes, reproductive health, family planning

Puberty is a huge turning point in the lives of young women—it is a time of great changes and growth. These changes don’t immediately happen all at once, and can take several months to several years. Puberty is the phase when a person starts to shift from child to adult, and for the girls at […]

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Get To Know Your Breast Friends


Breasts are both part of your reproductive anatomy and sexual anatomy. They’re considered essential reproductive parts because moms can use their breasts to feed their infants. When it comes to sexual anatomy, breasts are often sexually sensitive and considered an erogenous zone, and part of a lot of people’s sexuality. For some, they consider their […]

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Male Puberty

reproductive health, family planning, male puberty

Puberty is when a child matures into an adult capable of sexual reproduction. Your body goes through lots of changes that happen slowly over time. All these changes don’t happen all at once but over the course of several months to several years. Most young males will begin to experience these changes between the ages […]

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Estrogen in Men: How does it work for them?

You may know estrogen as the female hormone, responsible for their growth and development especially during their puberty. But did you know that it’s also present in every male’s body? Yep, testosterone and estrogen work together to contribute to a person’s overall function. For men, these hormones are responsible for controlling sex drive, ability to […]

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