What Does the Do It Right! Hand Sign Mean?

Do It Right!

The use of contraceptives goes beyond than just being a functional act; it’s an act of love that shows maturity, commitment, and consideration for the future and your partner. Using contraceptives should not be embarrassing; it’s actually the right thing to do. Like other feelings, it’s not easy to instantly stop the embarrassment of buying […]

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What Does A Toxic Relationship Look Like?

reproductive health, family planning, toxic relationship, unhealthy relationship

A normal relationship can have its ups and downs, but if the negatives outweigh the positives, it’s always worth assessing whether you should be in that relationship in the first place. Healthy and happy relationships help us feel better about ourselves and our place in the world. Unhealthy relationships do the opposite. If something doesn’t […]

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Talking To Your Partner About Condoms

reproductive health, family planning, condoms, safe sex

For a country with a population of 108 million, the conservative attitude towards contraception seems like a glaring contradiction. But talking about condoms, for example, should always top the list of your priorities especially before having sex. You may have a very strong opinion about what contraceptive method you would like to use, but your […]

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Your Guide To Sexting (Safely)

Your Guide To Sexting (Safely)

Sexting is a brand new skill that adds spice to a relationship, especially in this modern, digital age. It’s a fun and flirty way to stay connected with your partner, and make you two think of sex all day — which makes it great foreplay! Sending sexts to your partner while you’re away from each other gets you excited for the next time you’ll be together again. […]

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How Do People Communicate In A Healthy Relationship?

reproductive health, family planning, healthy relationship, communication

How attuned both of you are to each other’s needs, feelings, and thoughts will determine the quality of your relationship. That is called communication. The first step in building a harmonious relationship is making sure you both want and expect the same things when it comes to the relationship — being on the same page […]

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How To Deal With Sexual Harassment At Work

reproductive health, family planning, sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is a serious crime that no one deserves to experience, especially in the workplace. But should you just ignore seemingly “harmless”, crude remarks and sexual innuendos? Absolutely no! If something is making you feel uncomfortable, you should stop it right then and there before it escalates. Here are steps to help you protect […]

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