How to Be More Confident in Bed

It always pays to have enough confidence in everything we do, whether it’s for professional endeavors or personal activities. In the bedroom, confidence is vital in several ways. It could potentially lead to the best sexytime of your life if you and your partner have enough of it. Here are several ways we can become […]

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Fantasies & Fetishes: What Turns People On

The words “fantasy” and “fetish” are often associated with sex, especially with the arousal part. Many people find it hard or embarrassing to talk about their fantasies and fetishes because they’re afraid their thoughts may seem ‘weird’. The truth, however, is that there is totally nothing wrong with getting turned on, whether it’s from imagined […]

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Chasing Pleasure With Your Partner

If you and your partner have ever talked about your sex life, then you’ve done a very healthy thing. One of the ways couples can strengthen their bond is by exploring sex together. Doing so can not only help both people in a relationship discover their sexual desires and dislikes; it can also help partners […]

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Understanding Sexual Arousal

reproductive health, family planning, sexual pleasure, sexual arousal, pagkapukaw na seksuwal, seks, kaaliwang seksuwal

Sex, for some of us, is such a mystery given how much it can affect our emotions. One moment we are curious and excited. The next we are trembling with nervousness, embarrassment, and cluelessness. Often, we feel like we’re missing out on everything fun and exciting because we’re absolutely sure everyone we know is either […]

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Girls’ Guide To Getting The Big O


Who wouldn’t want a taste of the big O!? It’s the most anticipated part of sex for most people! It’s always believed that most women can’t orgasm, and that penetration is the only way to make a woman orgasm — but they’re not true! A lot of women don’t reach orgasm because most of the […]

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How do women know they’ve reached the Big O?

A lot of women have trouble figuring out if they’ve already reached orgasm. TV shows, movies, and porn often depict it as explosive and “earth-shattering,” popularly described as “like fireworks.” But on-screen orgasms are only performative, and don’t accurately depict women’s actual orgasms in real life. So, the first thing you should know is that […]

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5 Hidden Erogenous Zones No One Told You About

erogenous zone, pleasure

The human body is a marvelous creation. It’s an inexhaustible source of toe-curling sexual pleasure and satisfaction, a complicated network of nerves waiting to be stimulated and we’re off to lalaland. Our first experiences of having sex are often both terrifying and exhilarating (and sometimes awkward). They are our first tentative steps towards a lifetime […]

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How To Use Lube

how to use lube

Need ways to improve your sexual experience? Personal lubricants might be the right answer! Lubricants increase pleasure, sensation, and even bedroom action! […]

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