Eight Commandments of a Blowjob

Most men reach cloud nine when they receive blowjobs – the position where the penis is pleasured by the mouth. This position can give an out-of-this-world experience and for some, it is a great expression of love. Some lovers don’t like the idea of pleasuring a penis using their mouths, yet they do it for […]

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3 Questions That Will Change Your Opinion About Sex

family planning, reproductive health, sex, sexuality, sex positivity

Sexuality plays a big role in shaping the person you will become. This fact applies to you regardless of whether you’re in a relationship and whether or not you engage in sex. Whatever your situation, acknowledging your sexuality is about being true to and accepting of yourself; it is not about anyone else. It is […]

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5 Hidden Erogenous Zones No One Told You About

erogenous zone, pleasure

The human body is a marvelous creation. It’s an inexhaustible source of toe-curling sexual pleasure and satisfaction, a complicated network of nerves waiting to be stimulated and we’re off to lalaland. Our first experiences of having sex are often both terrifying and exhilarating (and sometimes awkward). They are our first tentative steps towards a lifetime […]

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Masturbation: Is It Good For You?

reproductive health, family planning, sexual arousal, sexual pleasure, masturbation, pagbabati

Like what we have been discussing here on “Do It Right!”, there are different forms and sources of pleasure. But for most people, the first form of sexual pleasure they will experience is through masturbation. Masturbation is commonly done by touching one’s own body, including sex organs, for sexual pleasure and orgasm. Masturbation for both […]

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Understanding Sexual Arousal

reproductive health, family planning, sexual pleasure, sexual arousal, pagkapukaw na seksuwal, seks, kaaliwang seksuwal

Sex, for some of us, is such a mystery given how much it can affect our emotions. One moment we are curious and excited. The next we are trembling with nervousness, embarrassment, and cluelessness. Often, we feel like we’re missing out on everything fun and exciting because we’re absolutely sure everyone we know is either […]

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