Are Fetishes bad?

Fetish, cuffs, bed, handcuffs

The term “fetish” has a negative connotation here in the Philippines, which is known as a very religious country that houses more than a few major religious groups. It is also a term commonly associated with wearing black latex suits, whips, and definitely more than what everyone who read or watched “50 Shades of Grey” […]

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The Perineum: A Little Patch Of Intense Pleasure


For a little patch of skin, the perineum can offer massive pleasure. It has a lot of nerve endings too, making it highly sensitive to touch (especially when aroused) and earning a spot on the list of erogenous zones. No matter what your gender is, all bodies have this and anyone can experience the wonders of the perineum! […]

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Come Along With Me: Reaching The Big “O” Together

simultaneous orgasms

Achieving orgasm together seems like every couple’s goal every time they have sex, and a lot of people think that it must happen to have a satisfying sexual relationship. But in reality, simultaneous orgasms don’t always happen and it’s only one potential part of a satisfying sexual relationship. […]

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Eight Commandments of a Blowjob

Most men reach cloud nine when they receive blowjobs – the position where the penis is pleasured by the mouth. This position can give an out-of-this-world experience and for some, it is a great expression of love. Some lovers don’t like the idea of pleasuring a penis using their mouths, yet they do it for […]

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3 Questions That Will Change Your Opinion About Sex

family planning, reproductive health, sex, sexuality, sex positivity

Sexuality plays a big role in shaping the person you will become. This fact applies to you regardless of whether you’re in a relationship and whether or not you engage in sex. Whatever your situation, acknowledging your sexuality is about being true to and accepting of yourself; it is not about anyone else. It is […]

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