Men’s Guide to Entering the Back Door

Trying new things in bed is always a good thing for couples. For men, trying anal sex may mean various things. They can look at it as a way to enjoy sex without having thoughts about pregnancies, it can bring a different kind of pleasure, or they may see it as the rawest and purest […]

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Rim Job: What is it?

Anal play remains a taboo subject so it’s not explored enough. Most people, when they come across the term anal play, they think of penetration as the only available option for it. But, if you want to get into it, you might want to start with something simple and slow, like a rim job. Rim […]

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STI Signs And Symptoms You Don’t Want To Miss

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are generally spread through sexual contact. The organisms (bacteria, viruses, or parasites) that cause sexually transmitted infections may pass from one person to another in blood, semen, or vaginal and other bodily fluids. Sometimes these infections can be acquired nonsexually, such as from mother to infant during pregnancy or childbirth, or […]

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reproductive health, trichomoniasis, family planning

Trichomoniasis (or “trich”) is a very common sexually transmitted infection (STI). It is caused by infection with a protozoan parasite called Trichomonas vaginalis. It infects the vagina in women or the urethra in men. Trichomoniasis is one of the most common causes of vaginitis in women. Although symptoms of the disease vary, most people who […]

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hiv, aids, reproductive health, sexually transmitted infection, sti, reproductive health, family planning

HIV, or Human Immunodeficiency Virus, refers to the virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). HIV affects the body’s white blood cells, which are responsible for fighting off infections. Because of this, it becomes difficult for the body to fend off illnesses. How Do You Get It HIV can be acquired from different sources. However, […]

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