A Sexy Time Checklist for Men

In this day and age, we men need to step up our game! We should know that shaking the sheets is more than just a physical activity; it’s a journey that can deepen the connection between two individuals, creating moments of intimacy that linger long after. As modern men, we have to understand the importance […]

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A Men’s Guide to Quitting Porn

In a world where access to explicit content is just a click away, men today face the challenge of sailing through a sea of temptations. Generally, watching porn is harmless, especially if you understand that what you see on screen is often far from what actually happens underneath the sheets. However, excessive consumption can lead […]

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Dilation and Curettage: What is it and when do you need it?

Dilation and Curettage, or commonly known as D&C or ‘raspa’ by Filipinos, is a medical procedure designed to clean the interior of the uterus”. It’s often recommended when dealing with things such as heavy periods or a miscarriage. Why is it done? 1. To Figure Stuff Out: Sometimes, before undergoing D&C, your doctor might recommend […]

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The Importance of STI Testing for Men

Having sex is fun and all, but it should be done responsibly. Besides learning how to do it right, it’s equally important to safeguard your sexual health. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are more common than you might think, and they don’t discriminate based on gender. Any sexually-active individual, whether man or woman, can get them. […]

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How Men Can Talk to Their Partners About Family Planning

Family planning is a very important endeavor in the modern world. It’s an essential part of building one’s future and the future of their family. For people who are in relationships, clear communication is a crucial part of it. Navigating the topic of family planning can initially seem daunting, but it is an empowering process […]

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How to handle a partner who refuses to use condoms during sex

Ladies, never ever sacrifice your safety for a brief moment of fun — yup, even if your partner is hot as hell! Before getting intimate in the bedroom, one of the first things you and your partner should talk about is protection; and one of the most common methods are condoms. They’re great at preventing […]

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Sexting 101 for Men

Communication is part of any relationship. It should be a big part of sexual relationships, too, as sex is an intimate act that requires trust and openness. Relationships blossom through communication, after all, and it could lead to new and exciting experiences.  One of the ways talking can unlock doors to steamy sexual encounters is […]

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Nudes 101 for Men

In the digital age we live in, many things can be accomplished using smart devices. Even flirting has moved to an online setting thanks to dating apps and instant messaging tools. And for some people, flirting online involves sending nudes. There was a time when nudes could only be associated with porn or risqué movies, […]

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Roleplaying 101 for Men

A couple's arms and hands in bed, the woman is cuffed.

Some people think of sexual roleplay as “putting on a costume for sexy reasons.” This is a very basic understanding of the concept since there’s much more to it than that. It’s not just about putting on a costume or portraying a character that leads to sexy time. In this article, we’re breaking down misconceptions […]

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Hookup Culture 101

Two Asians sharing a drink before hooking up.

Even before the 2020s, the term ‘hookup’ has already permeated popular culture and conversation. It typically conjures images of casual sexual encounters between individuals who are not romantically involved. However, the reality of hookup culture is far more nuanced and multifaceted. If you find yourself curious about engaging in sexy time with no strings attached, […]

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