Four Things To Know About Lube

lube, water-based lubricant, ez lubricating jelly, reproductive health, family planning

Lubricant is often just an afterthought when people think of sex. You may be keeping condoms handy or using another contraceptive method, but did you know that extra lube has the power to upgrade your sex life? You may be aware that bodies naturally produce their own lubricant, but you should also think about all […]

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Toys for the Big Boys: A Guide on Sex Dolls

Men have more sex drive than women, it’s proven by science. However, having sex isn’t something they can do every time they get in the mood for it. Since sex is a consensual thing, both should agree first before shaking the sheets, or else one of them can get in real trouble. With that in […]

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Seven Common Menstrual Myths Debunked

mensturation, myths, family planning, reproductive health

The menstrual cycle is a normal process experienced by nearly all women from puberty until menopause—their childbearing years. Despite this, there are still a lot of myths and misunderstandings about menstruation, perhaps because many women (and men) find it embarrassing to talk about openly. Let’s see what the medical definition says. Menstruation is a natural […]

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