Can you increase your Semen Volume?

One of the main concerns men usually have when it comes to sex is how pleasurable it can be, both for themselves and for their partner. Some may find lasting longer in bed more pleasurable, while others believe that ejaculating more semen would increase their and their partner’s sexual pleasure.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the average semen volume of men per ejaculation is around three to five milliliters (3-5mL), and the range is between 0.8 to 7.6 milliliters. 

This amount changes as the man ages. Significant changes can be observed in 30 to 55-year olds. The peak amount starts from 30-35 years old, while the least amount starts at around 55 years old.

But, is it possible to increase your semen volume? YES. Here’s how you can do it the natural way.

Tips on increasing semen volume

Decrease ejaculation frequency – One of the more obvious ways in increasing semen volume is to decrease the times you ejaculate. Ejaculating too often, either by having sex, by masturbating, or any sexual activity, can lead to a decrease in semen volume.

Having a break for like a day or a week to let the body recover naturally can help you increase your semen volume dramatically.

Stay hydrated – Semen is liquid, and staying hydrated can positively impact the production of semen in your body. Dehydration kills this production since the water on the body will be sent to the parts necessary for survival. So, keep your liquid levels high for an increased semen supply.

Explore Kegel exercises –  Pelvic floor exercises, or Kegel exercises may not increase any semen production, but it can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles for a more effective ejaculation. This helps you hold your load a lot longer and shoot it faster and stronger, making it look like you shot more.

Cut down smoking – If you’re a sexually active man with some addiction to smoking cigarettes, this may be your sign to stop it. Cigarettes are known to have negative effects on erection and ejaculation, so simply decreasing the amount you consume or quitting smoking entirely can positively impact your semen volume.

Have a healthier diet – Semen actually is composed of different vitamins and minerals. Eating food that is rich in zinc, selenium, and other amino acids can increase the volume of your semen. Zinc can be found in red meat and oysters, selenium is found in nuts, and other amino acids can be found in different vegetables and fruits.

Do supplements help?

Though there are marketed pills that supposedly increase the volume of your ejaculation, no research has found that they really are like magic pills that increase your semen volume drastically.

Multivitamins may help if you have any deficiency in different vitamins and minerals. Since semen is made up of different components, these multivitamin supplements may help increase your ejaculate.





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