Ladies, Let Them Know What You Want!

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Women are usually reserved when it comes to sexual desires; but in a relationship, not being open with important things such as desires could cause troubles.

Sexual satisfaction is considered a vital factor in a relationship and compared to men, women don’t talk so much about their desires when it comes to sex. One reason is that women are afraid of hurting their partner’s feelings, and another reason is that culture and religious beliefs have always taught women that having sexual desires is dirty and wrong. Women’s sexual desires and satisfaction are wrapped in mystery because they are not often discussed openly, while male sexuality is more accepted and out in the open. That is why in the Philippines, women are generally reserved when it comes to their sexual desires.

As there is a lack of sexual satisfaction in a relationship, sex drive will also decrease. When the excitement fades, and sex becomes a routine, your mind may wander off somewhere else during sex and boredom becomes the star of the show. We don’t want that to happen, right?

For a happy and healthy relationship, you should be more open to your partner about your wants, needs, and feelings. Communicating these things isn’t easy, but your partner can’t read your mind as well. Sharing and being open about your wants, needs, and feelings can bring you closer and make your sexual experience better. Here are tips that can help you:

  • Acknowledge your discomfort. You can start the conversation maybe by opening up about your concerns. If you feel anxious or shy about discussing the matter, say so and ask for reassurance that your partner is open to the conversation.
  • Talk. Once the conversation begins, your comfort and confidence may increase as you continue talking.
  • Set a time limit. A lengthy conversation and not going straight to the point can be overwhelming and hard to understand. Maybe 15 minutes is enough?
  • Make it a regular habit. The more you talk about sexual experiences and desires, the more comfortable and confident you’ll be with the topic.

Intimacy and sexual desires may have different meanings for each person, so communicating about this can really help you understand each other more.





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