Tips for having a healthy relationship with your total opposite

Tips for having a healthy relationship with your total opposite

Do opposites really attract? Well, maybe for some. People are often drawn to those who have similar personalities or to those who fall under a certain “type.”

But dating someone who is your complete opposite shouldn’t be a big deal, especially if they treat you right and make you happy. While it may seem easier to be with someone who’s your type or has a lot of similarities with you, it’s totally possible to have a long- lasting relationship with someone whom you share nothing in common with.

Here are tips that you and your partner can do to make your relationship work.

Learn from each other

You’ll learn more about the world when looking at it from  different perspectives. And when you see through your partner’s eyes, you also get to know your partner more and how they see the world. But, of course, you might not agree on everything, and that’s alright.

This could also be a great opportunity for you to compare and contrast your opposing opinions, and understand where your partner is coming from. You might even learn something new from each other!

Support each other

If you don’t want to join in your partner’s interests, you can always be each other’s biggest fans. Your support will mean a lot to your partner, and it’s very satisfying to see your partner happy and fulfilled.

Understand each other

Empathy goes a long way. It can help take anger down a notch so conflicts and misunderstandings are dealt with compassion. Try to see things through your partner’s perspective and put yourself in their shoes to understand why they react in a certain way.

Meet halfway

Relationships are a two-way street; compromises and sacrifices need to be made so both partners are happy. The little things like agreeing to watch your partner’s favorite romcom movie even if it bores you, or going on a beach vacation together even if you’d rather hike a mountain. These compromises may not be aligned with your preferences, but they definitely make your partner happy. And remember that both of you should make sacrifices, not just one partner.

Set and respect boundaries

In any relationship, boundaries are necessary to ensure that you feel comfortable and respected. Boundaries teach your partner how to treat you in the way you want and need to be treated. Your boundaries may include your preferences and dislikes in bed, things you want your partner to do or not do when you’re around, or topics you’re uncomfortable to talk about.

Find similarities

Though there are a lot of things about you and your partner that are different, you’ll surely still find a common ground together. Perhaps you both like having a tidy living space, or you both enjoy watching sci-fi movies; you can create activities that revolve around these little similarities so you can bond together over something you both enjoy.


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