What’s the Average Size of a Pinoy Sausage?

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If you’re reading this article, you might have to prepare your tape measure or your ruler to check your size.

Are you ready?

Well, here it goes. According to the studies made by the University of Ulster-Northern Irelands back in 2015, Filipinos are ranked 110th worldwide, penis size-wise.

While the world has an average of 5.17 inches (13.13cm) in length when its fully erect, we Filipinos only have around 4.27 inches(10.85cm), almost an inch shorter than the global average.

In the Southeast Asian region, the Philippines is ranked 5th, while Indonesia is holding the top place at 4.59 inches (11.67cm) and Cambodia as the lowest at 3.95 inches (10.04cm).

However, the data found by the University of Ulster-Northern Irelands were heavily criticized as it’s “catering to racist beliefs and vulgar stereotyping of each races”.

All things considered, be content and proud of what you have! Being hung up on it and relentlessly comparing it with others’ is pointless.

But, if you’re seriously considering having a penis enlargement or anything of that sort, you might want to read this: “Do Guys Really Need Penis Enlargement?

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3 thoughts on “What’s the Average Size of a Pinoy Sausage?

  1. Plenty of grown PINOY men have baby sized balls
    And infantile tiny penis heads but so what that’s
    Their business.
    Most Pinot men are viewed as cute and goof lovers so think of there tiny perhaps half a Vienna
    Sausage or less as cute adorable and a turn on and praise and build up them .

  2. Some Pinot men also have infant sized balls and small
    Penis heads but may have an overall small body and be
    Quit and we’ll petpurtioned.

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