Are Veiny Penis Normal or a Medical Concern?

As a man, you might check out your junk more than a few times per day. It’s normal to inspect how it’s hanging out there, especially when it’s expecting a performance.

You may notice that there are veins popping out of that bad boy. Don’t worry, they’re completely normal. All penises have veins, some may be more visible than others, but when you see one on yours, it doesn’t mean you need to seek medical attention.

These veins are needed so the blood on the penis can go back to the heart after giving you an erection. Through time, sex experiences, injuries or surgeries, these veins may change their shapes.

What causes veiny penis?

There are many factors on why penises show veins including, but not limited to:

  • Thickness of the skin
  • Size of the veins
  • Recent sexual activity
  • Age

These veins pop up during an erection since blood flow increases and start circulating on the penis to maintain the erection. Veins may not show when your penis is not erect.

Does this affect my ejaculation?

No. It doesn’t affect your ejaculation at all. The strength, amount, and quality of your ejaculation isn’t directly affected by the veins on the penis.

If you have an underlying cardiovascular condition like blood clots, it may cause you some problems with your usual erection.

Should you go to your doctor?

Usually, having a veiny penis isn’t a condition that needs immediate medical attention. If you’re bothered by how it looks, you can talk to your doctor to know more about this condition.

You should also watch out for other symptoms such as:

  • Pain during erection or ejaculation
  • Swelling on the penis or testicles
  • Veins feel hard when touched
  • Lumps on the penis or scrotum




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