Booze And Periods: How Alcohol Affects Menstruation

Anyone who gets periods would know how difficult it is to have fun during that time of the month. One way we love to enjoy the night is to have a couple of drinks with friends, right, ladies? Nothing wrong with having fun and having a few drinks, but it may have crossed your mind whether it’s okay to have your dose of alcohol while on your period. We’re here to answer that and a few other questions that might be going in your head.

Is it okay to drink during my period?

It’s totally okay to drink during your period, but there are a few things that you should know. Alcohol can increase the hormones estrogen and testosterone in your body. When this happens, your PMS could get worse especially mood swings and irritability. If you plan on drinking during your period, you might want to prepare in case you get more emotional about things that aren’t much of a big deal after all. Know your limits and make responsible drinking choices.

Will drinking alcohol mess up my cycle?

Alcohol can increase estrogen and testosterone, but is it enough to cause hormonal imbalance and irregularities in your menstrual cycle? More studies are still being conducted to confirm whether alcohol can really mess up the cycle. However, there are some studies that suggest relationships between drinking alcohol and cycle irregularities, but generally only when lots of alcohol is consumed constantly. If you only drink moderately, it probably won’t affect your menstrual cycle.

Can alcohol banish my cramps?

Maybe your gal pals have convinced you to drink because it helped dull the feeling of cramps when they had their period — but it could actually do the opposite. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning that it dehydrates you. After your ladies’ night out, you’ll likely be dehydrated and experience worse cramps when you wake up. A hangover and horrible cramps aren’t a great combination.

It’s recommended to drink more water during your period. If you’re well-hydrated, your abdomen and uterus will cramp less. Be sure to drink plenty of water if you’ll be consuming alcohol.

Can alcohol increase period flow?

It could be the dehydrating effect of alcohol that makes it appear like you’re bleeding more. Your menstrual fluid may become thicker and harder to exit the body when you’re dehydrated.

Every woman’s body is different. You know your body best, so make the best decisions for yourself. Make sure you drink enough water if your night out involves alcoholic drinks. Also, be mindful of your drinking habits when you’re on your period or if you’re trying to get pregnant — drink responsibly, ladies!




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