How Men Can Last Longer In Bed

A lot of people get into sexual activities to not only please themselves but also their partners. And for some, pleasing their partners involves lasting longer in bed. This is especially true for straight guys. It is a fact that
men experience sexual satisfaction more often than women. With that in mind, it is important for men to be aware of the ways they can last longer during sex.

What Makes Men Come?

You have to first understand the number one reason guys come: too much stimulation. Overstimulating your senses can easily cause you to finish. Imagine that you have a stimulation meter which, upon reaching 100, will make you orgasm. 

One of the simplest tricks to lasting longer is to detect when you’re about to come then stop or lessen all forms of stimulation and allow the meter to go down. There are several ways to accomplish this.


Edging is the process of stopping stimulation when your stimulation meter gets to 90. This leads to the meter going down, during which you can focus solely on your partner until you are ready for some stimulation once again.

Masturbating Before Sex

By masturbating before sex you make your stimulation meter rise slowly during the act. This is because by ejaculating before sex, you can make your body crave sex less. 

Going Slower

You’re more likely to come if you do it fast because of all the stimulation it’ll cause. If you practice slower strokes, however, your stimulation meter doesn’t go up as quickly. Plus, it can give you some time to do other things: talk to your partner, compliment them, tell them how much of a good time you’re having. Some women find going slow sensual.

Changing Positions

Apparently, switching it up can help slow it down. Changing positions can delay your stimulation level from going up, especially when you’ve been doing it in a position that stimulates you too much.

Wearing Condoms

A few guys dislike wearing condoms because they think wearing one can make having sex “feel different”. You could look at it this way: wearing a condom during sex won’t overstimulate you as quickly as it would if you don’t wear one.  In addition, it’s an easy and affordable way to practice safe sex!

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Some men who aren’t in good shape decide to finish because they run out of energy for sex. And often, these guys finish gasping for air. By working on your health, especially your cardio health, you could prepare your heart for longer periods of sexual activity. Also, with regular exercise, you could avoid finishing like a panting dog! 

Jogging, basketball, biking, and swimming are among the most common exercises. Quitting smoking and following a balanced diet are also proven to have a big impact on one’s health. These activities will not only help you last longer in sex; they’ll also help you live a longer life.

Communicating With Your Partner

Sex is not a one-man task. And as with many endeavors that require the presence of at least two people, having good communication helps. Inform your partner that you’d like to last longer in bed. That way, they’ll know what you’re trying to do and can even help you out. You could take turns pleasing each other or engage in some foreplay.


Besides being aware of your stimulation meter, it’s equally important to keep in mind that sex does not just have a physical aspect: there’s an emotional part to it as well, especially in sex between committed partners. 

So, the next time you get into it, be wary of many other things besides your own stimulation meter and how good it feels for you. Be mindful of whether it feels good for your partner, too. Be mindful of the fact that your partner also needs to be sexually satisfied.



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