5 ways to tease your man in public (without anyone noticing)

5 ways to tease your man in public (without anyone noticing)

The pinch of taboo, danger, and suspense is what makes teasing in public so hot. But when you’re so focused on teasing your man, you might end up going too far and disturb people around you.

You don’t have to give your man a handjob under the dining table, or a blowjob in a random alley. The key in teasing is balance; it’s the sexy yet subtle way of turning your man on to lead him to the edge and keep him there. But it also shouldn’t leave him sexually frustrated or annoyed.

These 5 sexy tips are dirty, but can be done in public legally — and things will surely get hot and heavy once you’re in the bedroom!

Tease him with your eyes

Yup, you can tease your man even without laying a hand on him.

How? By using your eyes.

Make some sexy eye contact with your man to catch his attention and build intimacy. Give him a seductive smile or a sexy wink, or raise an eyebrow to get across whatever message you want to send.

And when he’s really looking at you, slowly lower your eyes and look directly at his crotch. Hold your gaze for a few seconds before making eye contact with him again.

By doing this, you’re communicating to him that you’re thinking about his penis and you can’t wait to have sex — this will seriously drive your man crazy!

Stroke his thigh

Sitting next to your man gives you a lot of opportunities to tease him in public.

Place your hand on his thigh, and gently stroke or pat his thigh up and down. After going up and down for a few times, leave your hand very close to his penis — don’t touch it!

Just leave your hand extremely close to his penis and rest your hand there. Then, make strong eye contact and give him a naughty smile. This will create sexy tension between you two.

The most important thing when doing this is to play it cool and be completely relaxed.

If you really want to drive your man to the edge, you can move your pinky over so that it is gently touching his penis. Just a quick, little touch is enough to build the tension.

Brush up against him

There are plenty of reasons to pass in front of your man when you’re in public. Perhaps you’re walking past him in a crowded hallway, you’re at the grocery and need to grab something from the shelf, or you’re gathering your things as you leave the restaurant — the opportunities are endless!

Wherever you are and whatever you do, find the chance to pass in front of your man. And when you do, gently — but purposefully — brush your butt across your partner’s groin area. You can also use other parts of your body, such as your breasts, thighs, or even hands.

Even if it’s just quick and light — so others don’t notice — your man will definitely notice what you did. And don’t forget to make sexy eye contact with him again after doing it.

Send him naughty texts

Using your phone is an easy way to tease your man in public without anyone else knowing. Whether you’re just sitting across from each other or he’s out for an errand, sexting your man will definitely make him think of naughty things.

You could play on the innocent side and just text him hints of what you’re thinking about, or you could get more explicit and tell him everything you want to do tonight.

If you really want to drive him crazy, you could send a photo or video to turn him on. He’ll hate that he can’t have his hands on you, but he’ll totally get wild once he has you all for himself.

Just make sure no one else will see the texts, images, and videos you send your man!

Draw attention to your lips and mouth

Surely you’ve seen movies where an attractive woman sucks on a lollipop, eats a banana, or even just drinks from a straw — and it seems to really turn men on!

Your man couldn’t resist thinking about what you could do with your mouth if his penis were the lollipop, banana, or straw.

Your mouth and lips are definitely two of the sexiest parts of your body. If you’re not into the lollipop idea, you can make your man look at your lips and mouth by biting your lips or circling your lips with your tongue. You can also trace your lip with your finger or another object, if that’s your thing.

Final words

Teasing should be fun, but just like any interaction, it could get awkward sometimes — so just laugh it off with your partner!

Seeing your man getting teased is amusing, but don’t overdo it because he might end up getting bored or annoyed.

Also, keep in mind that not every time is the right time for teasing. Sometimes, other concerns take priority, and your teasing might not get the response you want. That’s alright, and there will always be other chances to tease your man again.





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