How To Use Lube

how to use lube

Personal lubricants are one of the best sexual accessories you should have in handy. Lubricants can be used by various people for various reasons, and they make great additional bed buddies for a more exciting sex life. A tube of lube can seriously bring wonders in bed!

Lubricants Make Sex Safe

Safe sex is always the best sex. Vaginal tears and anal fissures often happen when there is not enough natural moisture produced during sex. These micro-tears can put you in pain and discomfort, and can increase your risk of contracting STIs (sexually transmitted infections). Although they can heal on their own in a few days without you having to take medications, using personal lubricants for extra moisture and prevention is still better. Lubricants also reduce the chances of condoms breaking during sex.

Lubricants Make Sex More Comfortable

Less pain, more action. Being aroused and having the desire to have sex doesn’t always mean that you are producing enough natural moisture for easy and painless penetration. No matter how strong your urge is, that doesn’t always guarantee that you’ll be wet enough– that’s when personal lubricants come in handy. Lubricants reduce pain, friction and irritation, which makes you more comfortable and easier to reach orgasm. During foreplay, lubricants can also be rubbed on your erogenous zones, helping your body be relaxed and aroused even more.

Lubricants Make Sex More Enjoyable

Extra moisture means more pleasure. While you can also be able to produce ample amounts of natural moisture, adding a little more wetness is great for you, too. Most condoms come lubricated, but adding a few drops of lubricant around it or even inside adds more sensation. With the help of lubricants, levels of intimacy go higher, orgasms are easier and faster, and sexytime lasts longer.

However, too much lubricant can ruin the experience, just as how too little moisture makes sex uncomfortable. The intensity and sensation decline when too much lubricant is used, which makes sex dull and unstimulating. Just a few drops of lubricant can already go a long way, and any excess can be easily wiped off with a towel.

What can be used as personal lubricant?

You’re dealing with your genitals when you’re having sex. They’ll definitely feel uncomfortable when something goes wrong, so it’s best to stick with the safe stuff.

While people claim that there are everyday items and kitchen staples that are effective personal lubricants for them, you wouldn’t want to risk your health and safety by using household items that weren’t intended to be used as a personal lubricant. If it doesn’t say “lubricant” on the label, that’s enough sign to keep it away from your genitals!

Which lube to go?

There are different types of lube made for different needs.

Water-based lubricants, such as EZ Lubricating Jelly, are the most common and most versatile. They can be used for almost all sexual activities, since they’re safe to use with sex toys and condoms. Plus, most water-based lubes don’t stain. EZ Lubricating Jelly is available in leading drugstores, convenience stores and online stores.

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Oil-based lubricants are also easily available, but they cannot be used with condoms and sex toys. This kind of lube may stain sheets or irritate the skin for some people.

Silicone-based lubricants are smoother and silkier than other lubricants, and can even be used in the shower. While silicone-based lube last longer and don’t need to be reapplied all the time, this means that they’re harder to wash off. They’re also not ideal for silicone sex toys because the lube can damage the material.

How do you lube?

Here are a few things you can do to maximize and enjoy its wonders!

  • Lay down a towel to protect your sheets from stains.
  • Make lube a part of foreplay to boost arousal and sensation.
  • Apply lube to the penis or sex toy just before penetration, whether partner or solo play.
  • Reapply lube when you think you need more as you go on.

First-timer How-Tos?

For starters, squeeze a coin-sized amount of lube on your fingers or palm and rub your hands together to warm up the lube. Touch the part where you want to use the lubricant. Notice how the feeling is different from when you’re touching it without lube. If you’re using water-based lube, notice how long it takes to dry up and need reapplication.

Where does lube go?

Lube goes on your body and anything else you’re using — sex toys, condoms, fingers, and even your partner’s body parts. You can also apply lube inside your body, especially when you’re about to engage in vaginal or anal sex.

If you’re using condoms, put a drop of lube in the tip of the condom before you roll it on the penis. Don’t put too much lube, or else the condom will slip off. Once the condom is on, you can apply more lube on the outside of the condom.

Lube isn’t just for penetration, you can also use it for handjobs, masturbation, outercourse or dry humping, and for a sexy massage. Get creative!

Have you checked the expiration date?

There’s no forever when it comes to lube, because they expire, too! Expired lube has lost its effectiveness, and may cause irritation and infections when used. Check your lube if the packaging indicates the expiration date; if there’s none, don’t risk it.

How about anal play?

Lubricants become even more important during anal play and penetration. The rectum doesn’t naturally produce its own lubrication. You may need to use more lube than usual and be more gentle during anal play. Using lube and going slow will prevent micro-tears and anal fissures, which are painful and uncomfortable.

Does lube stain?

Most water-based lubricants don’t stain sheets, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry! Lay a towel over your sheets before getting into action so you don’t have to worry about stains.







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