Oral Sex 101 for Men

Sex is a vast and diverse realm of pleasure, offering a myriad of experiences to suit every individual’s desires and preferences. From passionate and adventurous positions that ignite the senses to unique flavors and sensations that tantalize one’s taste buds, the world of sexual exploration is rich with possibilities.

One of the many avenues to explore is oral sex. In this article, we’ll delve into the enchanting world of oral sex, exploring the art of giving and receiving pleasure using one’s mouth, lips, and tongue.

What is it?

As we’ve just indicated, oral sex is a form of sexual activity that involves the stimulation of the genitals through the sensuous application of oral techniques. It encompasses both fellatio (oral stimulation of the penis) and cunnilingus (oral stimulation of the vulva and clitoris).

It’s an intimate and pleasurable act that can be enjoyed by individuals of all genders and orientations, offering a variety of sensations and intensifying sexual experiences.

How can we #DoItRight?

As with many sexual encounters and experiences, properly performing oral sex requires consent and communication. After all, without these things, it would be hard to guarantee every party’s enjoyment in bed.

But other than those things, knowing the Eight Commandments of a Blowjob can come in very handy to ensure that you and your partner/s have a good time. There are also other useful and more specific tips for when you receive or give oral sex.

When Receiving

When your partner’s willing to go down on you, rejoice and be thankful! But before you start, be sure to practice good hygiene. Of course, you want your sexy time playmate to enjoy the experience as much as you do, so clean up down there before they head south.

Also, remember to tell your partner how much you’re enjoying it. You could also guide them with verbal or non-verbal cues. Some validation might just give your partner a big confidence boost and make them pleasure you even more. (You can thank us later.)

When Giving

When it comes to giving oral sex, there are several techniques and considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, start with gentle and teasing touches, gradually building up intensity based on your partner’s responses. 

Experiment with different movements, such as using your tongue in swirling or flicking motions, and vary the pressure to find what feels best for them. You might also want to use the tip of your tongue and draw circles around some areas of your partner’s vagina. (Pro Tip: Doing that on the clitoris might feel divine for her!)

If your partner happens to be a man, don’t just give him an ordinary blowjob and bob your head up and down. Play with his member using your tongue or lips. Perhaps try to literally “suck” him, too, and see if he likes it.

Additionally, you could use your hands in conjunction with your mouth to provide added stimulation and enhance the overall experience. 

Be sure to pay attention to her body language and moans to gauge whether she’s happy with what you’re doing.

And that’s it for this topic! We hope the tips we gave aren’t hard to swallow (pun intended) and that they come in very handy for you and your partner.

Let’s always remember that any sexual activity is supposed to be pleasurable for all parties involved, even in positions or activities where one person does the pleasuring while the other just has to enjoy the experience, like oral sex.


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