Nudes 101 for Men

In the digital age we live in, many things can be accomplished using smart devices. Even flirting has moved to an online setting thanks to dating apps and instant messaging tools. And for some people, flirting online involves sending nudes.

There was a time when nudes could only be associated with porn or risqué movies, but nowadays, sending and receiving nudes has become a common practice in modern dating and sexual expression. 

With the advancement of technology and the ease of sharing visual content, many individuals have embraced exchanging intimate photos as a form of flirtation and erotic communication.

If you’re interested in getting into the industry of nude trading, you’re in luck because in this article, that’s what we’ll be discussing! We’re here to help you #DoItRight!

When asking for nudes

When it comes to asking for nudes, communication and consent are of utmost importance, regardless of how long you’ve known the other party. 

It might be good to first find out whether they would be open to sending nudes. If yes, then establish a comfortable and trusting connection with them. 

Respect their boundaries and never pressure or coerce them into sharing explicit photos. Instead, create an open and non-judgmental space where they feel safe enough to unleash their sexuality and share their body with you.

It’s essential to be understanding and accepting if they decide not to send nudes, as everyone has their own comfort levels and boundaries when it comes to intimate content.

Keep in mind that if ever your partner or fling decides to send you a nude or two, a serious responsibility falls into your hands: you have to protect their privacy and safety by not leaking whatever it is they’ve given you.

Remember: leaking intimate content is a crime! And no one should ever have to go through the experience of having a private pic or video exposed to the Internet. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into the world of nudes!

How to take good nudes of yourself

One may think that taking a nude selfie can be simple. After all, it doesn’t take much to understand what it means. It’s an explicit picture of oneself. But, capturing a good nude requires some effort and know-how. 

Follow these tips for taking nudes that’ll wow whoever you send them to:

  • Get a good angle. Different angles can highlight different features of your member. Do some trial and error to find out which angles work best for you!
  • Play with light. Lighting can have a huge impact on a nude selfie. So huge, it can be a make or break. Try to take a nude in lighting that emphasizes your dick’s girth and/or length. It’s also best to avoid overhead lighting since that’ll make you unnecessarily cast shadows over what you’d like to show.
  • Pay attention to the background. While the focus may be on your body, the background can still play a role in enhancing the overall aesthetic of your nude. Choose a clean and visually appealing backdrop that doesn’t distract from the main subject. A clutter-free and well-organized environment can contribute to a more visually pleasing and professional-looking photo.

How to send nudes the right way

Now that we’ve gone over how to properly take nudes, we should talk about the more important topic when it comes to nudes: knowing when it’s okay to send them.

The most significant rule to remember is to NEVER send a nude to someone without consent or warning

It doesn’t matter if you’re sending a nude to a partner you’ve been with for years. If you don’t have an established sexual relationship, just don’t. Always prioritize open and honest communication with your potential recipient before sending any explicit material. 

Discuss boundaries, preferences, and comfort levels to ensure that both parties are enthusiastic and consenting participants in the exchange.

Ultimately, the decision to take, send, and ask for nudes should always be based on mutual trust, respect, and consent. As with many sexual relationships, it’s vital to have open communication, establish boundaries, and be aware of the potential risks involved. 

Sharing nudes can be a consensual and enjoyable experience for all parties involved, especially if approached with responsibility and consideration. And that’s how we #DoItRight!


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