Sensory deprivation: A beginner’s guide

Why deprive yourself, when you deserve nothing but the best? Well, when it comes to sex, a little deprivation can seriously intensify pleasure!

In kink culture, sensory deprivation doesn’t mean blocking off your senses; rather, it’s limiting certain forms of sensory information to sharpen the others. Limiting one or more of your senses can lead to newfound pleasures because of the heightened focus on your other senses.

Sensory deprivation may be all too familiar with kinksters; but for beginners, here are a few tips on how you can explore this whole new world in the bedroom.

Sight deprivation

You don’t need fancy silk blindfolds to limit the sense of sight. Items lying around in your bedroom could probably double as a blindfold, such as a necktie, a handkerchief, or a scarf. Just make sure the material is soft and easy on the skin. Closing the eyes or turning off the lights are other great options too.

Once your partner’s sense of sight has been limited, start by lightly kissing them on the lips and move your way down to their neck. You could also explore other parts of their body, like gently nibbling on their ear or lightly blowing on their collar bone. Whispering naughty things to them is also a good idea! Take your time doing this, as you want to build anticipation and excitement. 

Sound play

There are two ways to try sound play: using ear plugs or playing extremely snesual songs. The former is definitely challenging (and doesn’t even sound sexy at all), especially since most people get turned on by the moans, groans, and dirty talk of their partner.

But if both of you agreed to try limiting their sense of sound, this is the best way to explore it: Limit their sense of sight first, then make them wear earplugs to block their hearing. Then, make your partner lay flat on the bed, staying motionless. The idea is that they have no idea what’s going to happen next, so you can prowl over their body and do as you please.

Last few words

Sometimes it’s the smallest variations that can give you a different kind of excitement in your sex life. Sensory deprivation may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s alright. Remember to always ask for consent before getting into action. And whenever you agree to try something new, do your research first so you know how to do things safely and properly.


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