Understanding the ovulation phase

What is ovulation? Ovulation is when an egg is released from your ovary during your menstrual cycle. If the egg is fertilized, it can lead to pregnancy; if not, the uterine lining is shed during your period. Understanding ovulation helps with family planning and can provide insights into your health. What are the signs? When […]

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How do I know if I’m ovulating?

Ovulation is the process wherein the ovary releases a mature egg cell — this sets the stage for fertilization! The egg cell travels through the fallopian tube, where it can possibly meet a sperm cell. This is also why ovulation is also known as your fertile days because this is the time where pregnancy is […]

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Beyond Pregnancy Prevention: Other Benefits of Pills

non-contraceptive benefits of pills

Oral contraceptive pills or “pills” contain the hormones estrogen and progestin that mimic the hormones women naturally produce. These hormones do a couple of things to ensure that pregnancy is not going to happen: they stop the ovaries from producing eggs for ovulation so that there’s no egg for the sperm to fertilize; they make […]

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