PS: Sexual Aftercare Matters

How to conduct proper sexual aftercare Sex doesn’t end with climax. In fact, there is such a thing as “sexual aftercare”. It’s about what we do after sex.  It’s pretty simple, and most people don’t even realize they’re already doing it… like these:  Cuddling Being in the arms of a special someone has a calming […]

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The Health Benefits of Masturbation

We’ve all heard that masturbation isn’t a bad thing. It’s perfectly normal to want to do it and there shouldn’t be anything wrong with doing it. What many people may not know though is that masturbation has some health benefits. Beating your meat has more effects than simply making you feel good! It boosts your […]

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Chasing Pleasure With Your Partner

If you and your partner have ever talked about your sex life, then you’ve done a very healthy thing. One of the ways couples can strengthen their bond is by exploring sex together. Doing so can not only help both people in a relationship discover their sexual desires and dislikes; it can also help partners […]

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