Sex Don’ts: What Men Shouldn’t Do in Bed

Sex should be a safe space. It’s an intimate activity involving people who want to make each other feel good. And part of making your partner feel good is knowing what you shouldn’t do to them or with them. So here’s a list of things men should avoid in bed. Don’t set conditions Everything you […]

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The “Grind” Before the Daily Grind

Why sex before work can be great for you Having sex before going to work can make you feel like a boss. But there’s more to it than making yourself feel good for the day ahead.  Here are some reasons why getting it on before going to work can be beneficial. It puts you in […]

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PS: What Men Shouldn’t Do After Sex

We’ve talked about the importance of sexual aftercare and why it’s good for partners to continue practicing intimacy even when sexy time has finished. In order to do that right, however, it’s important to know things that one should avoid after an intimate time with one’s partner. So here are things that men shouldn’t do […]

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Guys, Start it Right!

How men can give better foreplay We’ve talked about how foreplay is “pre-game” for sexy time. It should go without saying that good foreplay can lead to great sex! (And great sex is something we all want.) Here are some tips for men to give better foreplay. Know what turns your partner on If you […]

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Foreplay: Pre-game for Sexy Time

There are several misconceptions about foreplay. Among the most common is that it’s “just  playing pretend.” But it’s actually more than that because foreplay can vary from person to person.  Foreplay also has physical and psychological effects on a person, and it’s not just about turning someone on sexually. What foreplay is not There are […]

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Can pre-cum get you pregnant?

Ejaculation isn’t the only instance wherein semen is released.  There’s such a thing called pre-cum, and a lot of people may be wondering: “Can pre-cum get you pregnant?” What is pre-cum? Pre-cum is a fluid that is naturally released by anyone with a penis. It leaks before ejaculation and cannot be controlled. It is possible […]

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PS: Sexual Aftercare Matters

How to conduct proper sexual aftercare Sex doesn’t end with climax. In fact, there is such a thing as “sexual aftercare”. It’s about what we do after sex.  It’s pretty simple, and most people don’t even realize they’re already doing it… like these:  Cuddling Being in the arms of a special someone has a calming […]

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How to Increase Penile Sensitivity

Let’s be honest: Jacking off and having sex both feel good. Our dicks have a lot of nerve endings, and that’s why your penile sensitivity can make or break your overall sexual experience.  Here are some things you can do to build up your penis’ sensitivity: Avoid too much friction Too much friction could damage […]

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