How to Be More Confident in Bed

It always pays to have enough confidence in everything we do, whether it’s for professional endeavors or personal activities. In the bedroom, confidence is vital in several ways. It could potentially lead to the best sexytime of your life if you and your partner have enough of it. Here are several ways we can become […]

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Chasing Pleasure With Your Partner

If you and your partner have ever talked about your sex life, then you’ve done a very healthy thing. One of the ways couples can strengthen their bond is by exploring sex together. Doing so can not only help both people in a relationship discover their sexual desires and dislikes; it can also help partners […]

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Is Porn good or bad?

porn, pornography, family planning, reproductive health

Anyone who has Internet access these days can access pornography. In the Philippines, talking about sex openly is still taboo and, many young men and women get their knowledge about sexual pleasure from watching pornography in secret. It’s not an ideal substitute for sex education as it can create ideas about sex and sexual pleasure […]

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