PS: Sexual Aftercare Matters

How to conduct proper sexual aftercare

Sex doesn’t end with climax. In fact, there is such a thing as “sexual aftercare”. It’s about what we do after sex. 

It’s pretty simple, and most people don’t even realize they’re already doing it… like these: 


Being in the arms of a special someone has a calming effect, even after shaking the sheets. It also helps people feel closer to each other, so try cuddling to relax after a wild session with your babe. 

Make them feel extra special while you’re at it and tell them how much you value and appreciate them.

Napping together

Many people are often in the mood to relax or even take a nap after sex. Similar to cuddling, sleeping next to someone can make you feel closer to them. Plus, it’s a sure way to get some well-deserved rest.

Discussing what you liked (or disliked)

You could talk to your partner about what they enjoyed or possibly didn’t like about your recently concluded session. You could also take the opportunity to give each other tips and make plans for your next sexy time together. 

Being able to discuss sex with your partner is a good way to help you learn what to do and what to avoid next time. It’s a good way to establish an open and clear communication between the two of you.

Giving or getting a massage

Sex requires a lot of energy, so a little physical therapy can be appreciated after a bedroom workout. You could massage your partner to release any physical stress or pain. And if they’re in the mood to give you a massage, then relax and let your partner work.

You could also go the extra mile by dimming the lights and playing some calming music. If your partner feels pampered from massages, you should try it as sexual aftercare.

Watching something together

Sex is a shared experience, and so is watching something together. You and your partner can continue that feeling of togetherness by viewing a movie or TV show you’ll both enjoy after getting it on.

Taking a bath together

Proper hygiene is essential, and since you’ll be cleaning up anyway, you might as well do it together. 

If you’re the type who showers after sex, you could try that with your partner…it could also lead to round two. Cleaning up together is especially important if you or your partner see it as an intimate activity. 

Sex doesn’t begin with penetration. It starts even before that. Likewise, sex doesn’t end with climax. 

Whatever we do after sex can be part of our overall sexual experience. So, the next time you shake the sheets with your babe, remember to keep the fire going by putting some effort into your sexual aftercare.



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