The Importance of STI Testing for Men

Having sex is fun and all, but it should be done responsibly. Besides learning how to do it right, it’s equally important to safeguard your sexual health. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are more common than you might think, and they don’t discriminate based on gender. Any sexually-active individual, whether man or woman, can get them.

Just like how athletes benefit from wearing protective gear and having regular check-ups, STI testing is something that’ll keep you safe and healthy in the realm of sexual activities. It’s not just about protecting yourself; it’s about showing respect and care for your partners too. STIs can often show no symptoms, lurking in the background without you even knowing it. By getting tested regularly, you’re taking a proactive step toward early detection, treatment, and prevention.

So, gentlemen, let’s talk about why STI testing matters, and how making it a part of your routine can lead to a more confident, informed, and responsible approach to your sexual well-being.

Why is it important for men to get tested for STIs?

Apart from the peace of mind that comes with knowing your sexual health status, regular STI testing carries significant benefits. First and foremost, it allows for the early detection and treatment of infections. If left untreated, many STIs can lead to serious health complications, such as infertility, organ damage, and increased susceptibility to other diseases. By identifying these issues early, you’re taking control of your health and reducing the risk of long-term consequences.

Additionally, getting tested communicates a sense of responsibility and care towards your partner (or partners). It’s a clear demonstration of your commitment to mutual well-being, creating an environment of trust and open communication in your sexual relationships. Furthermore, staying informed about your STI status empowers you to make informed decisions about your sexual activities. Knowledge is power, and in this case, it empowers you to engage in safe and consensual practices.

Ultimately, choosing to prioritize STI testing is a choice to be a responsible and considerate partner, both for yourself and for those you care about.

How can men get tested for STIs?

Getting tested for STIs involves a few straightforward steps that can significantly contribute to your overall well-being. First and foremost, educate yourself about the types of STIs, their symptoms, and the potential risks associated with sexual activity. This knowledge will empower you to make informed decisions and encourage responsible behavior. 

It’s also very good to have open and honest communication with your partner about STI testing. It’s a fundamental aspect of responsible sexual behavior. Discussing STIs and testing can be a sensitive topic, but it’s crucial for maintaining trust, transparency, and the well-being of both individuals. 

Start the conversation at an appropriate time, when you both have privacy and are in a relaxed setting. Approach the topic with empathy and respect, emphasizing that STI testing is not about distrust, but about ensuring a safe and healthy sexual experience for both of you.

The next step is to find a testing center or clinic that offers STI testing services.

Where can men go for tests?

One excellent resource for men in the Philippines is LoveYourself, an organization that provides free and confidential STI testing services. They have multiple community centers across the Philippines where you can walk in for testing without any judgment or stigma.

There are also My Health Clinics in many cities including QC, Muntinlupa, Taguig, Manila, and Cebu. They offer a Red Package which is around 2,500 PHP. The package includes a CBC (Complete Blood Count), HIV test, Hepatitis B test, RPR (Rapid Plasma Reagin, for syphilis), and a urinalysis.

In addition to these organizations, there are also government-run programs and clinics across the Philippines that offer comprehensive STI testing and related services for men. To access these services, it’s recommended to reach out to your local government health department or health center. They can provide you with information about available testing facilities, schedules, and any associated costs.

Prioritizing your sexual health through regular STI testing is not just a step towards responsible behavior, but also a gesture of care for yourself and your partner. By staying informed and proactive, you’re taking a significant stride toward maintaining a healthy and fulfilling sexual life. 

Remember, knowing your sexual health status empowers you as a man to make informed decisions and ensures a safe and enjoyable journey through your intimate experiences. So, take charge, get tested, and embrace a future of wellness and vitality. Your sexual health matters, and by taking action today, you’re investing in a brighter tomorrow.


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