The Truth About After-Sex Glow

The Truth About After-Sex Glow

Who’s down for sex with benefits? We’re sure we all are! This might even be your next favorite skincare routine step.

Tone down the flare-ups

High levels of stress, anxiety, and tension lead to low levels of oxytocin — the “love” hormone — in the bloodstream. When you’re stressed out, it really shows through your skin from high levels of cortisol (the stress hormone). It can trigger pesky acne breakouts, and start inflammations in some conditions such as rosacea and psoriasis.

Sex prompts the surge of oxytocin production, which drowns out cortisol and the effects of stress on your skin. Hello better skin, goodbye blemishes!

Slay the youthful look

Collagen gets damaged when there’s too much cortisol in the body. When this happens, our skin is left with scars and wrinkles.

Having sex promotes collagen production, the protein responsible for keeping our skin looking young. It maintains the smoothness, thickness, and elasticity of the skin. The more sex you have, the more collagen you get, and the more younger-looking your skin will be!

An orgasm can boost the estrogen levels in your body as well, which is associated with slowing down the aging process of the skin. Estrogen is also great at keeping wrinkles away by keeping the skin elastic, plump, and moisturized.

Let It Glow

There’s a better rush of blood throughout your entire body when you have sex. Thanks to that rush of blood, your face also gets a boost of oxygen. You get brighter and glowing complexion paired with a rosy flushed look — let it glow and show it off!

Do you really need to know about these amazing benefits before being convinced to have sex? We’ll gladly take them anytime! What’s great is that you can still get all these benefits even if you play solo!




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