Things Men Shouldn’t Say After Shaking the Sheets

Your partner is lying next to you, basking in the glow of aftersex and simmering down the intimate moment you two have just shared.

The silence between the two of you might urge you to say something and it could be unexpectedly dumb that can massively ruin your after-sex moment.

Here are some of the things you should avoid saying right after sex:

“That was better than I expected.”

This might sound naturally flattering, but it can also mean like “I had low expectations, but wow you did surpass it.” Sure, it’s still a compliment, but try phrasing it better by adding more passion and romance into it.

 “Did you like it?”

Asking this question makes you sound like you didn’t give any attention to your partner. Their behavior, facial expressions, breathing, and moans should be telltale signs on how they felt during the intercourse.

Just be confident that you did good in bed, seeing how your partner’s face is filled with signs of pleasure. Don’t ask if they liked it, ask if they want more.

“I’m in a hurry!”

Exiting after getting a good sex and saying you’re in a hurry or you have something important to do will definitely offend your partner. 

Don’t leave right after climaxing so you don’t ruin your relationship with your partner. Try to spend a bit more time (like an hour or two) and cuddle.


It’s good manners to say thanks after getting something great, but it’s a no-no word after intercourse. That can make your recent sexual experience with your partner seem more like a transaction than an intimate experience.

Rather than saying thanks, say something that’s heartfelt or sweet. That may ease the silence and make your aftersex cuddle warmer.

What YOU should do after sex

Rather than sleeping already, there are many activities that you can do after sex that may improve your relationship with your partner. Here are some recommendations:

  • Keep pleasing her  – If your partner is left wanting more but you can’t go on due to the refractory period, try pleasing her more physically like using your fingers or your lips. This shows them that you’re eager and you look after their needs, so plus points in your relationship.
  • Talk to your partner – Though it might feel awkward, talking with your partner after sex can provide you and them some insights on making your future encounters more pleasurable. Know what they liked the most and tell them what you liked. Compliments can also go a long way.
  • Shower together – Showering together is a great activity that you can do with your partner after sex. It reduces risks of infections and makes sleeping together more cool and refreshing.




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