Tips for amazing hotel sex

A vacation with your partner is always a great way to spend some time together. But adding sex into the mix definitely makes an epic experience!

Whether you’re new into the relationship or you’ve been together for a couple of years, having sex in the bedroom gets quite boring and routinary after awhile. So to spice things up, how about considering having hotel sex? You don’t have to do it regularly (unless budget is not an issue), but doing so from time to time can be sexually liberating!

Why you should have hotel sex

It’s still sex, just in a different location, right? Technically, yes. But there are a bunch of other things that make hotel sex more epic than your regular, stay-at-home sex.

You get more privacy. If you live with your family, friends, or housemates, finding the right time and place to have sex is sometimes a challenge. You also have to tone down the noise when the walls are too thin!

The luxurious and romantic vibe can instantly put you in the mood. The mood lighting coupled with the exquisite interiors (especially the mid-range to high-end hotels) give off a romantic vibe that makes sex extra enticing. Plus, you don’t see clutter or things that remind you of your responsibilities. The new scenery keeps your mind (and libido) stress-free, so you can focus on getting intimate with your partner.

How to have the best hotel sex

Be a good guest

Although we’re talking about having the best hotel sex of your life, we must not be inconsiderate of other guests in the hotel who also paid for a relaxing getaway. You can get a lot of pleasure without being selfish and causing extra problems and inconveniences for others.

You can moan all you want, but don’t scream in the middle of the night. Have a wild time riding your partner, but don’t bang the bedframe up against the wall. Explore your exhibitionist side by getting frisky by the window, but don’t do it on the terrace where everyone can see what’s going on.

Besides keeping your dirty business inside the hotel room, make sure you don’t leave undue damage to the room and facilities. That also includes cleaning up spots that may have drops of bodily fluids, wrapping used condoms in tissue before tossing them in the trash, and making sure you don’t leave stains on the sheets.

Remove all distractions

Make sure that you’ve settled all your responsibilities and errands before heading to the hotel. This keeps your mind clear so you’re solely focused on having fun with your partner.

If it helps, why not take a leave from work! You deserve some rest and relaxation for all your hard work, y’know. And for those who have kids, you might want to hire a babysitter or leave the kids at their grandparents or aunties while you and your partner enjoy your alone time.

Hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign at the door

Once you’ve checked in your hotel, you’d also want to avoid any distractions that you may encounter while you’re there. Don’t forget to hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign at the door before things start to heat up. Imagine someone knocking on your door just as you’re about to reach climax… not good, right?

Maximize the amenities

Hotels often have amenities that help you explore new sexual activities. Some hotel rooms have bathtubs or hot tubs where you can try having sex in the water, or simply relaxing next to your partner as you get into the mood. Hotels also often have bigger shower rooms, which can give you more space to try shower sex.

Bring the heat beyond the hotel room

You can still get sexy even beyond closed doors, without being indecent from other guests. You can have some drinks at the hotel bar, and flirt with each other or subtly cuddle together.

But if you’re a little kinky, you can wear an app-controlled wearable vibrator, butt plug, or cock ring and let your partner take control of the sex toy. Seeing your partner smirk as the vibration intensifies can seriously amp up the thrill!

Mind what you pack

Since you’ll be away from home, you’ll have to make sure you pack the essentials such as condoms (or whatever contraceptive method you use), lube, sex toys, and lingerie. You might not need all these for your stay, but you wouldn’t want to forget anything!

Remember to put everything back in your luggage as well when you’re about to leave the hotel room. You wouldn’t want a staff member discovering your dildo underneath the sheets, or having the front desk calling you up to make you pick up your forgotten expensive vibrator.


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