The G-spot: Is it real?

You’ve probably heard that the G-spot is the secret to the most mind-blowing vaginal orgasms in women — but is the G-spot real? Well, it’s complicated.

What is it?

German gynecologist Ernest Grafenberg published a paper about a certain “erotic zone” on the front wall of the vagina that can lead to intense orgasms — and maybe even ejaculation — when stimulated. This area was dubbed as the ‘G-spot,’ and has become the talk of the town among men, women, and even researchers.

Where is it?

A conclusive study in 2021 revealed that several studies agree that there may certainly be a G-spot, but its location and size have yet to be confirmed. Thus, the existence of the G-spot is still unapproved.

But in 2022, an editorial published in the Sexual Medicine Reviews Journal said that the G-spot is more like a ‘zone,’ rather than a spot on its own. According to the editorial, the G-spot is composed of more like five erotogenic regions. These are the clitoral crura, the clitoral bulb, the periurethral glands, the urethra, and the anterior vaginal wall. 

How to stimulate it?

Since it’s not an exact spot on the human body, finding and stimulating the G-spot can be difficult; but it’s also not impossible.

Finding the G-spot is best done through self-exploration rather than during partnered sex.

For those with a vagina, start by relaxing and getting into a position that you’re most comfortable in. Then massage the vaginal opening before inserting your finger or a sex toy. Once your finger or toy is inside, point it upwards toward your belly button in a “come hither” motion.

Keep in mind that you’re not trying to find an exact spot or a specific button. Rather, you’re discovering what feels best for you when stimulating that region of your body.

Focus on the internal area instead of doing an in-and-out movement. When you’ve found the right zone and stimulation for you, keep repeating the motion until the sensation builds.

Final words

Preferences can vary from person to person like in any erogenous zone or sexual activity. There’s no right or wrong way to orgasm, and some may not find satisfaction from stimulating the G-spot — and that’s okay!

You shouldn’t pressure yourself to locate the so-called G-spot, or even have earth shattering orgasms. The goal of masturbation — or any sexual activity for that matter — is to feel good throughout the experience.


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