Toys for the Big Boys: A Guide on Sex Dolls

Men have more sex drive than women, it’s proven by science. However, having sex isn’t something they can do every time they get in the mood for it. Since sex is a consensual thing, both should agree first before shaking the sheets, or else one of them can get in real trouble.

With that in mind, masturbation is the safest and best way to release this tension. In some cases, using hands for masturbation can get old really fast. That’s why a lot of adult toys specifically designed to maximize pleasure during sex are available in the market. 

For men, there are quite a few options, one of which includes sex dolls or love dolls. 

What are sex dolls?

Sex dolls or love dolls are a type of adult toy, typically targeted to men, that is in the size and shape of a human and serves as a help for masturbation. They can be a whole human body or just parts like a torso or head.

Usually, the dolls have their mouths, vagina (or penis), and anus open for sexual stimulation of the user. They are also highly customizable, where people can apply their preferences to create their perfect doll.

Their origins can be traced way back in ancient Greece, and French and Spanish sailors were using them during long voyages in the sea.

Their prices can range from cheap to very expensive, depending on the type of sex doll you’ll want to avail of.

Types of sex dolls

Inflatable Sex Dolls – Inflatable sex dolls or blow-up dolls are the cheapest and usually made from high-quality rubber. You just blow air in it and you’re good to go.

Silicone Sex Dolls – Silicone sex dolls use silicone to make quality and more realistic and beautiful dolls. They are usually water-resistant and can last for a long time. These are probably the most popular kind since it’s been on the market for years.

TPE Sex Dolls – TPE sex dolls are dolls that use thermoplastic elastomer so it can give a more realistic skin feeling to the doll. They are also durable and flexible. They are more cost-effective than silicone dolls.

Stuffed Sex Dolls – These are your lewd stuffed toys. That means these sex dolls are made out of cloth, like your usual plushies. The good thing about them is they’re significantly lighter than silicone or TPE dolls.

Things to consider when buying a sex doll

Budget – This is one of the first things you should consider when buying a doll. Depending on the quality of the doll you want, the price range can really be cheap or expensive, so take that into consideration first.

Type of Sex Doll – The type or the main material used on the sex doll can affect both the price and the pleasure you can get from them. It will also affect the durability, the feel to the skin, and it’s overall quality.

Customization – You should list down all of your desired traits for the sex doll. They will surely be yours for a good amount of time, so you can find the doll that fits your liking (for example, boob size, hip size, facial features, etc.). There are also shops that offer custom-made dolls.

Seller/Manufacturer – Find a verified sex doll manufacturer or seller so you can ensure the highest quality dolls. They also usually help you get discreet when shipping or delivering your order to your doorstep.

Is using sex dolls normal?

Although some may find them creepy, at the end of the day, it’s still a toy for pleasure, which makes it perfectly normal for people to use.

Sex dolls are used as an aid for masturbation, something that should be accepted as normal as it helps men explore the female form without thinking of any negative repercussions.

Some can argue that sex dolls aren’t as far from vibrators that females often use. Their goal is the same; stimulate pleasure, and help the user learn more about their sexuality.

Although some people may see sex dolls as objectifying women, they should also think about how it can help men understand the female body and practice restraint, cultivate a better relationship, and be more self-conscious about their actions during sex.

Are sex dolls safe?

It usually depends on the user and the doll’s manufacturer, but most of the time, it should be safe since they are well-regulated. Take note of the materials used and check if there’s something that may trigger your allergies (if you have one).

Like other sex toys, sex dolls can also pass on some sexually transmitted infections so don’t share them and always clean them thoroughly.

Should you buy one?

There are a lot of reasons why people buy one. It may be out of curiosity or just a coping mechanism for loneliness. 

They can be easily bought online through leading online stores or dedicated sex doll websites. You can easily pick your choice of high-quality dolls, or contact their customer support for customized ones. Most of the time, they’ll be in discreet packaging so you can rest assured that they’ll be like a Christmas gift, others won’t know what’s inside until you open them up.

Whatever the reason is, buying a sex doll is a matter of personal taste. Some couples also learn to include sex dolls in their relationship, so it can unlock new horizons of pleasure for them, as well as make their bonds stronger.


Sex dolls are just toys for adults who’re seeking pleasure. Seeing this toy as something else like a creepy yet sexy doll or potential relationship partner is all up to them.

These dolls help men in many ways than one. It can become their tool to boost their confidence, as a practice to train their sexual performances, or as an emotional outlet.

There are also versions that cater to women’s needs. They can also have the same positive effects, where they can practice how they move and groove while satisfying their intimate needs.

With technology, both men and women can also look forward to a future where these sex dolls will have their own artificial intelligence, capable of speaking and other animated movements, unlike what we currently have available in the market.

Just remember that fantasies are always different from reality, and you’ll be good to go.








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