Alcoholic Drinks: Are They Good or Bad for Your Sex Life

Throughout history, alcohol has been part of every culture. Some say that moderately drinking booze boosts their self-esteem and social skills, though studies have shown that it’s just placebo. 

Some also claim that it makes them better in bed. But is there any truth to that? Here are some of the effects of alcohol on a man’s body.

It can affect a man’s libido

Up to an extent, alcohol definitely boosts the sex drive a person. According to multiple studies, a few shots of alcohol improves libido and sexual activity. Some also say that it gives them courage and not become picky when it comes sex partners.

However, too much alcohol intake can affect the nervous system, making your sexual desires decrease drastically. This is true especially for those who have been habitually drinking heavily or have become alcoholics.

It can delay ejaculation

A few drinks won’t be able to keep you from ejaculation. However, drinking too much can certainly do so.

Excessive alcohol content on your body can delay your ejaculation. It can take longer than 30 or more minutes before you can reach your climax. In the worst cases, there are some who can’t even ejaculate at all.

Getting an erection may become a challenge

Men can get a hard time getting hard. It’s not limited to “hard drinks” like whiskey, vodka, or tequila. Any kind of alcoholic beverage can cause this.

Alcohol can affect your erection skills because of these reasons:

  • Decreases the blood flow on the penis.
  • Depresses the central nervous system.
  • Increases angiotensin (a hormone linked to erectile dysfunction)

In the worst cases, drinking too much can lead to permanent erectile dysfunction. This can happen to men who drink heavily on regular occasions.

Common Myths About Alcohol

Everyone becomes hotter when you’re drunk – Multiple studies have been done to prove this “beer goggles” effect, but there’s no conclusive answer. One study back in 2014 has found out that drinking makes some actually attractive, including landscapes.

Though there’s not enough scientific evidence on this, alcohol is said to also boost our socialization skills and impair our judgment.

Alcohol affects everyone in the same way – This is absolutely false. The human body processes alcohol differently, and the difference is more prominent in female than male bodies. Even if you drink the same amount of alcohol, it won’t mean that you’ll be equally fine or intoxicated.

Sexual assault is fine when both of you are drunk – This is an absolute FALSE. Even if both of you are intoxicated, it doesn’t mean that it’s an invitation for unwanted sexual activity or attention.

Clear consent is still needed before any type of sexual activity. This is especially important when alcohol and sex collide. Having sexual contact with anyone who is too drunk to give proper consent is sexual assault or rape.





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