What Being a Vegetarian Does To Your Sex Life

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Practicing a healthier lifestyle will surely benefit one’s body, and that extends into their sexual health. For health reasons, some people go to great lengths, such as going vegetarian.

But, what will happen to your sex life when you really go for it? Let’s find out!

What does being a vegetarian mean?

Simply put, vegetarians have a diet that consists of all the known vegetables and fruits. They don’t eat any meat and seafood (or even insect meat if someone can stomach it).

This diet also include seeds, grains, and nuts, all of which contain essential nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, and more.

Vegetarians also have different types where some may still consume dairy products (lacto vegetarian), eggs (ovo vegetarian), a combination of dairy and eggs (lacto ovo vegetarian), or seafood (pescatarian) on a daily basis, even though these are from various animals.

Perks of being a vegetarian

Fitter or slimmer body. When you have a fitter or slimmer body, you’re able to do various sexual positions. You might also get some confidence boost, knowing that there’s a higher chance of you satisfying your partner up to the maximum level.

Increase in energy. With more energy comes more fuel for ‘shaking the sheets’. That also means you won’t get tired easily and can even go for another round or two.

Better blood circulation. Blood circulation is an essential part of sexual arousal. With better blood circulation, you will have better a sexual response cycle.

Cons of a being vegetarian

Low in Zinc. Zinc is one of the main nutrients needed for hormone development especially for men. Although this nutrient is more prominent in red meat, alternatives such as avocados and chickpeas are available.

Decreased amounts of Protein. Lack of protein can lead to hormone deficiency, especially in men. Protein is one of the key nutrients in producing testosterone. There may be alternatives, but meat can give massive amount of protein in small servings.

Will vegetarianism hit my sex drive?

It may affect someone’s sex drive, depending on how their bodies will react to it. Any changes that one person does to his diet can hit not only his libido, but also some of their body’s functions.

The nutrients that we gain from what we eat will be the fuel for the processes that a human body does every single day. Depending on one’s body, it will cause both positive and negative effects.

Vegetarianism has been found out to also have more positive effects in the body, both physically and mentally. It can boost mood and even confidence.

Although vegetarianism is a healthier way of living than usual, it isn’t an almighty diet or lifestyle that will work for everyone.

It can boost someone’s sex drive, yes. But it can go the same way for other types of diet, as long as it’s healthy. If you only eat enough food to satisfy your body’s everyday needs, you’ll get as better a body boost as any other diet plans (with enough exercise, too).


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