What Does A Vagina Taste Like?

A healthy vagina should taste like, well, a healthy vagina! It could taste sweet, sour, salty, bitter, or metallic.

It might even have faint hints of what you ate last night. The taste might even vary throughout the month because of your menstrual cycle.

Every vagina has a unique tang, but there are common flavor profiles that are considered normal for your coochie. As long as you don’t experience unusual scents such as smelling fishy or abnormally foul, your taste and smell are fine.

Read on to find out what a vagina tastes like, why it may change, and what you can do if you think there’s something off about your smell or taste.

Metallic flavor

The vagina — the internal canal — is naturally acidic, which is totally good and normal. That’s the vagina’s way to balance the bacteria.

Some people describe this flavor as metallic, penny-like, or even “battery-like.”

It’s usually more common to have a metallic taste days after menstruation. That’s because of the trace amounts of blood in and around the vagina. The iron content of blood gives it its metallic flavor.

Salty or sour

A salty taste is often caused by sweat from exercising or simply your body’s natural perspiration.

Forgetting to clean yourself after you pee may leave trace amounts of urine, which can also lead to having a salty flavor.

It’s also normal to have a sour flavor from excess sweating or wearing tight underwear all day. It’s not a sign of anything bad by itself.

What can affect its taste?

Your vaginal pH level

The vagina is naturally acidic to keep itself healthy and free from unwanted bacteria.

If it suddenly develops a strong odor or strange taste, a new medication or bath product may have disrupted the vagina’s natural pH balance.

This could lead to inflammation, irritation, or an infection, and cause unusual smells and flavors.

Your diet

There are foods that can affect how the vagina smells and tastes like — and nope, pineapples aren’t on the list.

Asparagus is known to make pee smell strong and pungent, which may affect the vagina, too.

Curry and spicy foods can also impact how you smell and taste. They can make you sweat a lot and produce sweat with a distinct smell.


A night of drinking lots of booze can make you sweat more than usual. It can also alter how your bodily fluids taste, including vaginal discharge.

You might taste a bit bitter or sour, depending on the type of drink you had.


Since food, alcohol, and medications may affect the vagina’s taste, so pretty much anything you consume can affect how you taste. And, yes, even tobacco products.

The smell of smoke can be absorbed into your skin and hair, so your mouth and lady bits may taste like an ashtray. Tobacco products can also affect how much you sweat and how strong it’s going to smell.

Your vagina can taste bitter and acidic if you’re a smoker.


Your vagina is self-cleaning, so better leave it alone. You only need to regularly wash your vulva — the outer parts of your genitals — with mild soap and warm water.

If you don’t keep yourself clean and fresh down there, you may develop undesirable smells and tastes.

If you like to keep your bush au naturale, just keep in mind to wash it regularly as well because pubic hair can absorb smells.

Final thoughts

Your vagina can have varying flavors, but one thing’s for sure: it shouldn’t taste like fruits or candy.

You should never be ashamed of how your vagina, tastes, smells, and even looks. Your vagina — or body for that matter — doesn’t need fixing.

As long as you don’t see signs of an infection, then your smell and taste are nothing to worry about. But if you notice a foul odor or something smelling fishy, better consult a doctor right away.

And if any person doesn’t want to get frisky with or go down on you because of your vagina’s smell and taste, then that person might not even deserve to be in your life, sis!





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