What Contraceptive Method Is The Best Choice If I Don’t Want To Put Hormones In My Body?

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If you don’t want to put hormones in your body, there are still other contraceptive methods that you can use!

The most popular and widely available method is the condom, which is very effective in protecting you from STIs and unplanned pregnancy, as well as making your sex life more fun because of the various scents and textures to choose from.

If you prefer something more long-term, you can opt for the copper IUD or the fertility awareness method. A copper IUD doesn’t contain any hormones, but does its job of effectively protecting you for between five to ten years. Once the doctor has inserted the IUD, there’s nothing else you have to do until it’s time to have it replaced or you want it removed so you can get pregnant.

The fertility awareness method is a system wherein a woman determines the days of the month when she is least likely to get pregnant by tracking her menstrual cycle, and taking note of body temperature and vaginal discharge. This method requires diligence, planning, and a regular menstrual cycle. Its margin for error is high, which is why it’s not as reliable as other methods.

Condoms cost between Php27 to Php215 (SRP) a pack depending on the variant, and can be bought in most drugstores, convenience stores, and on leading online shops.

In the Philippines, the most cost-effective and hormone-free contraceptive method is the copper IUD. It initially costs around Php192.75/piece (SRP), but enough to cover you for five to ten years. That means that if, for example, you have the IUD for five years, you’re spending a maximum of Php38.55 for contraception a year, or Php3.21 a month.



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