Rim Job: What is it?

Anal play remains a taboo subject so it’s not explored enough. Most people, when they come across the term anal play, they think of penetration as the only available option for it. But, if you want to get into it, you might want to start with something simple and slow, like a rim job.

Rim job, rimming, or analingus is the act of orally pleasuring your partner’s anus. This can be focused on just the outer rim, but it can also have some dipping action inside the anus using your tongue. In short, mouth and tongue on the butt is a rim job.

This is pleasurable as there’s a lot of nerves on the butt, making kissing or licking the area quite sensitive to stimulations.

What to consider when doing a rim job

Consent – Getting consent is always a need for every sexual activity that you will do together with your partner. No one wants to have their ass get rimmed or touched without consent, so it’s really a must-have.

Cleanliness – This is the first thing that anyone should consider when trying to have a taste of that back door goodness. Even with a very eager partner, both of you should consider having a shower first and washing your ass thoroughly, preferably with scented soap of your choice.

Also, the person receiving the rimming should have a bowel movement before getting into it for the sake of safety and cleanliness as “accidents” can happen mid-rim job.

Body hair – Or more specifically, hair in the ass, is also a thing to consider when it comes to cleanliness before diving nose-deep, literally, into rim-town. Little specks of poop may be stuck in those hair when not cleaned properly. You may shave it or wax it, or wash it thoroughly, your choice.

Rim job is not a standalone act – Unlike blowjobs, a rim job is rarely a standalone sexual act that you can jump right into. It can come after doing other foreplay like kissing or any other teasing. 

What you need to do is ease slowly into rimming from the top. Tease them and make their bodies hot and bothered first, so they can be comfortable as you rim them later.

Relax, enjoy but don’t use teeth – Like how you pleasure your partner’s other parts, remember to enjoy and relax as you pleasure their anus. This can make your anal experience more comfortable and may lead to it getting included in your usual nighttime activities.

However, you should avoid using your teeth. You may nibble your partner’s nipple or vagina, but never try it on the anus since it may hurt them, unless they specifically asked you to.

Health and safety should be a priority – Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be acquired through rimming. If you or your partner haven’t been tested for your sexual health, you might want to use a dental dam (though you might have to order it online).





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