What is cervical penetration?

What is cervical penetration?

Stimulating the clitoris or the vagina are the most common ways women achieve orgasm. But there is a third spot that can give you an intense, full-body orgasm — the cervix.

The cervix is the narrow, lower end of the uterus, located at the top end of the vagina. It has a very small opening, called the os, at the center that connects the vagina to the uterus.

Besides during childbirth, the os is so small that only semen and menstrual blood can pass through.

What is it?

What happens during cervical penetration isn’t really penetration. It’s impossible for a penis or finger (or other similar shaped objects) to penetrate the cervix.

The stimulation that occurs is pressure or deep penetration wherein the penis, finger, or sex toy rubs or pushes against the cervix.

Some find it extremely pleasurable, while others find it uncomfortable or painful.

Is cervical penetration safe?

Yes, it’s safe to stimulate the cervix BUT it may not be okay for everyone.

If you want to try achieving a cervical orgasm, you have to be okay with doing deep penetration as well.

Does cervical penetration hurt?

Some may find it painful or uncomfortable. It could also cause cramps or pressure when not aroused.

It’s not uncommon to feel pain when there’s penetration, especially if your cervix is being hit. Painful sex is called dyspareunia. It’s characterized by recurring pain before, during, or after sex.

Although it’s common, you shouldn’t be enduring the discomfort and pain just for the sake of having sex. You should talk about it with your doctor, especially if it happens often.

Is a cervical orgasm possible?

Some say they experience intense orgasms that begin in the cervix and vagina, and spread throughout the abdomen or entire body.

Cervical orgasms are possible, but it’s not for everyone. Every woman has different sexual interests or preferences, and not all will find cervical stimulation pleasurable.

Is bleeding normal?

Bleeding during sex is not normal, but it’s quite common.

There are a lot of infections and conditions that could cause bleeding. Oftentimes it’s due to friction that irritates the delicate tissues in the vagina and cervix.


Cervical penetration is not possible, but you can stimulate the cervix and achieve cervical orgasm.

If it’s something you’d like to try, talk about it with your partner first and make sure that both of you are comfortable in trying something new.

Take things slow, check in with each other along the way, and use water-based lubricants such as EZ Lubricating Jelly to make the experience more pleasurable.


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