What is Penile Fracture?

Although rare, there’s a possibility that a man’s junk can get broken. This condition is called “penile fracture”, which can happen when a man’s genitals figure in a traumatic action.

Because the penis doesn’t actually have any bone (even though it’s called a boner), the thing that breaks is actually the parts that are responsible for the penis’ erections.

This condition can also affect the urethra or the channel where the urine passes through.

One important thing to remember is that this condition is considered to be a medical emergency situation so it’s best to seek immediate medical attention to avoid permanent damage.


A penile fracture happens because of an unintended bending forcibly of an erect penis, which results in the rapture of the corpus cavernosa, the organ where the blood flows to cause an erection.

Here are some of the scenarios that can cause penile fracture:

  • Accidentally bending while having sex
  • Damage to the genital area sustained from accidents and other mishaps
  • Intense or traumatic masturbation


Symptoms of penile fracture are very evident from the start. As this condition needs immediate medical attention, remember these:

  • Audible snap or cracking sound
  • Sudden loss of erection
  • The penis is bent in the wrong direction
  • Bleeding from the head
  • Dark bruising of the area where the crack happened


If you think you have a penile fracture, consult a doctor immediately. It’s best to seek medical help within 24 hours from the time of the injury.

If not treated early, a penile fracture can leave permanent damage and can lead to bigger problems, which include erectile dysfunction.

To diagnose the injury, doctors will use a specialized x-ray or ultrasound to confirm the problem before proceeding to give the proper treatment.

Surgery is the only treatment available for this condition. During the operation, doctors will attempt to fix the penis back to its original form and its functions.

Treatment of this injury can last for months. Patients will also have to go back to the doctor a few times to check the progress of its recovery.


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