Why is pubic hair coarse and curly?

As many people do, you might often find yourself obsessively wondering about some of life’s biggest questions. What is the meaning of life? Do aliens exist? Why are the wiry little hairs growing around our genitals so different from the hair on our head?

Lucky for you, we’ve found the answer to the mystery why pubic hair is coarse and curly!

Pubic hair — even if you find it annoying —  has its own unique responsibilities for keeping you health: 

  • Keeps Things Comfy: Pubic hair is coarser and thicker because it acts like a natural cushion, reducing irritation and friction when you’re moving around, exercising — and even when you’re having sex.
  • Maybe a Whiff of Chemistry: Some scientists think pubic hair is curly because it might have a role in hanging onto those mysterious things called pheromones. They are chemical substances produced by the body, which are said to play a part in sexual attraction between two people.
  • Guarding Against Infections: A study revealed that removing pubic hair significantly increases the risk for sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Grooming in the genital area can lead to micro tears and cuts. These cuts make it possible for bacteria and viruses to enter the body. Those who groom their pubic hair are two times more likely to get herpes, which can spread through the skin, and; 70 percent more likely to have STIs spread through bodily fluids, such as Chlamydia.

But remember, pubic hair is not a guaranteed shield, so safe sex practices are still super important in keeping you healthy.

So, is it best to keep the pubes?

To keep or not to keep? It’s your call!

It’s also about what feels right for you. Some people like having pubic hair, while others prefer a different look. Whether you’re all for the full bush or prefer things smoother, it’s your call. Just remember to stay fresh and safe! 😊


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