Can A Woman Get Pregnant If She Has Unprotected Intercourse During Her Period?

Can A Woman Get Pregnant If She Has Unprotected Sex During Her Period

A common fertility myth is that there is no chance of getting pregnant if a woman has unprotected sex while on her period. Although the chances are lower, the possibility isn’t completely down to zero. […]

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Itchy Balls: Poor Hygiene or Something Medical?

Are your testicles itchy? It might not be an immediate concern, but it can be a signal of something worse or you simply need a change of underwear. This problem isn’t rare, where regular everyday tasks can cause quite the ruckus under the belt. It’s a concern that can always be shrugged off, no matter […]

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Does Your Little Guy Have Dry Skin? Here’s Why

As a man, we may not notice how dry our skin is, considering the important things we do day by day. However, this should not be the same case with your penis. The penis has more sensitive skin compared to our overall skin, which makes it more alarming to see it go dry. In most […]

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Got An Itchy Cooch?

Got An Itchy Cooch

There are a lot of possible reasons for the itching, and sometimes it’s already a result of an underlying condition or infection. Better have it checked by a doctor immediately if it’s really bad or you think a condition is causing it. Self-medication might just make it worse especially if you don’t know the cause. […]

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All Pain, No Pleasure?

All Pain, No Pleasure? Painful Sex

Pain during sex really is bothersome, and can totally ruin the moment. Painful sex is called dyspareunia (dis-puh-ROO-nee-uh) in medical terms. It’s defined as persistent or recurrent genital pain that occurs just before, during or after intercourse. Men and women can experience it, but it’s more common among women. […]

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What is Penile Fracture?

Although rare, there’s a possibility that a man’s junk can get broken. This condition is called “penile fracture”, which can happen when a man’s genitals figure in a traumatic action. Because the penis doesn’t actually have any bone (even though it’s called a boner), the thing that breaks is actually the parts that are responsible […]

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What is Peyronie’s Disease?

penis, male, bent

Is your penis standing at a weird angle? If you don’t feel any pain or something, it’s still normal and healthy. However, if you do, it may be an early sign of Peyronie’s Disease. Peyronie’s Disease is a type of illness that causes the penis to curve in an angle, may it be upward, downward, […]

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Should You Give Lady V A Haircut?

Should You Give Lady V A Haircut

Some may find pubic hair pesky, but it actually serves a purpose. Your hair down there protects your genitals from friction and infections. It’s like the vagina’s “eyelashes” to keep anything from entering the body. Pubic hair is biologically normal and there for a purpose — it shouldn’t be ashamed of! […]

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